[Hero Wars Guide]Titan Skins (Dark Titans)

About Titan Skins

  • You can obtain the Champion Skin and Titan Skin Stone for the specified Titan.
  • Don’t buy it. The value for money is extremely poor.
  • If you are considering purchasing this bundle, it is still more advantageous to buy other Bundle and acquire it during the event.


[Hero Wars Guide] Titan Skins Dark

Brustar Champion Skin

Mort Champion Skin

Keros Champion Skin

Estimated Emerald equivalent for each bundle

  • Brustar Champion Skin = 6,667 Emeralds(x0.8)
  • Mort Champion Skin = 6,667 Emeralds(x0.8)
  • Keros Champion Skin = 6,667 Emeralds(x0.8)

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Was there any impact from the addition of the Titan Skins?

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