[Hero Wars Guide]Titan Brawls Bruster Day 2 Update

More Players Get Creative with Their Defenses

  • Up until now, many players have relied on established teams to structure their defenses for the Battleground Event!
  • Due to the Bluster theme, an increasing number of players are incorporating Light and Dark elements into their defenses!
  • They are cognizant of the meta teams in attacks and are effectively countering them!
  • What is the most effective strategy in this scenario?
  • The situation might vary across servers, but an updated approach may be necessary.

The Basics

The following article elucidates the fundamental approach:

How to Compete on a Less Difficult Server

  • This event is a server-based online competition, so success depends on you, your opponent, and the server!
  • Depending on the server environment, achieving 22 victories before 5 losses may still be feasible using only the following teams.

How to Play on a More Difficult Server

  • If the opponent has only 2 Light Titans in their team formation, I employ the following teams.
  • In many instances, you can secure victory by employing two different teams.
  • However, as demonstrated in the article above, there are patterns where this rule alone is insufficient for victory.

Team 1 (base team)

Team 2 (for attacking a team of two Light Titans)

Be Careful How You Fight

  • Engage with the warnings outlined in the article above.
  • If your remaining health is low, contemplate using combat training when facing the double totem.
  • Utilizing this list, I believe many servers can achieve 22 victories with near-perfect control. You might even consider deliberately losing if matched against a Guilmen!

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Was there any impact from the addition of the Titan Skins?

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