[Hero Wars Guide]Changes for Summer Festival 2023 (v5)

[Hero Wars] Summer Festival

Summary of Changes for Summer Festival 2023

  • Gold has been removed from honey rewards, and Skin Stone Chests have been added.
  • Quest difficulty remains the same, but the reward skin/frame has been replaced with a new one. Some skins removed, some added honey.
  • The 2022 reward skin/frame is supposedly added to the Summer Doll, but it is unconfirmed (possibly due to changes in the Summer Doll’s specifications).
  • Pet equipment has been removed from the Summer Festival Shop.
  • The cost-effectiveness of non-equipment items in the Summer Festival Shop has significantly improved.
  • Mini-Game is small changed.
  • The popular mini-game reward avatar (blue-haired nymph) has been moved to the Summer Doll.
  • Limited Sale (Precious Offer) is add, only 3 days.

Comparison of Price Changes in the Summer Festival Shop

Year 2023

[Hero Wars Guide]Summer Festival Shop

Year 2022

[Hero Wars Guide]Summer Festival Shop

Summer Festival: Store Recommended

Quest Rewards

The following changes have been made to the quest rewards add Honey.

Reach VIP level 7

Spend 55,000 Emeralds

Spend 18,000 Energy

Open 165 chests in Outlands

Solar Skin

Aidan Heidi Kayla. Particular attention should be paid in Heidi.

Why is Heidi’s Health skin considered risky?

Summer Festival Mini-Game (Ver 2023, 3 Games)

Summer Doll has added avatars

Nymph avatar were available in the mini-game until 2022.

Example of addition 1

Example of addition 2

Limited Sale (Precious Offer)

A Precious Offer is being held at the same time. Please note that this is only for three days.

Event Guide

Summer Festival

Summer Festival Shop

2023 –

2019 – 2022

Event Item


Summer Doll

Summer Festival Tasks and Returns

Event Quests

In 2023

In 2022


Summer Bundle


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