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What should I exchange for at this year’s Summer Festival?

Key Considerations

  • The Summer Festival shop allows for exchanges at any time, so there’s no need to rush. Especially in 2023, keeping the coins for a year may result in better exchange rates for items, as seen in previous cases.
  • It’s advisable to select items with more favorable exchange rates rather than those with poor rates. Even if an item is essential, it’s important to consider its exchange rate and compare it with other options.
  • It’s also recommended to assess the quantity needed and the difficulty of obtaining the item. For instance, while Summer Dollars have a good rate, they suffer from a high gold ratio issue. Gold can be acquired from various sources, potentially leading to an excess of this resource in the long run.

Recommended Exchange Items

  • Skin Stones are significantly important in terms of the required quantity. The fact that the exchange rate for emeralds is not favorable is concerning. (However, for those who are quite advanced in their training, there are many situations in which Skin Stones are the only viable choice.)
  • Chaos Particles have a good exchange rate and significantly contribute to the win rate. However, they are not as scarce as skinstones. Consideration may vary depending on one’s individual development pace.
  • Hero Soul Stone Chests are a conditional consideration. For those who are not very well-trained, choosing them for a more enjoyable play experience is possible. Especially for heroes like Morrigan and Fafnir, availability is very limited. It is not recommended if you intend to use them on a hero whose soulstones are readily available.

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