[Hero Wars Guide]Summer Bundle

[Hero Wars Guide]Summer Bundle

About Summer Bundle

  • Sale will be held in conjunction with the Summer Festival event
  • Emerald x4 sale is likely to be held on some dates during this event.
  • Unless you have a compelling reason to buy this bundle, it is better to bet on the All Summer Bundle.
  • Only for the most expensive ones, In terms of comparison to other bundles, it is estimated to be relatively cost-effective.
  • Only for the most expensive ones, For those with low VIPs, it is estimated to be a better value than the Emerald x4 Sale. However, it is easily influenced by the luck of Summer Doll.

All Summer Bundles

[Hero Wars Guide]Summer Bundle

Estimated Emerald equivalent for each bundle

  • 1,946JPY bundle = 10,818 Emeralds(x1.9)
  • 3,891JPY bundle = 29,170 Emeralds(x2.5)
  • 7,783JPY bundle = 78,590 Emeralds(x3.4)
  • 13,620JPY bundle = 149,595 Emeralds(x3.7)
  • 23,349JPY bundle = 273,190 Emeralds(x3.9)

Estimated Emerald equivalent for each bundle(in Guild will get)

  • 1,946JPY bundle = 19,762 Emeralds(x3.4)
  • 3,891JPY bundle = 46,477 Emeralds(x4)
  • 7,783JPY bundle = 106,001 Emeralds(x4.5)
  • 13,620JPY bundle = 186,384 Emeralds(x4.6)
  • 23,349JPY bundle = 320,083 Emeralds(x4.6)


  • Thu, 24 June 2021 (7 days)
  • Mon, 25 July 2022 (7 days)

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