[Hero Wars Guide]Sons of Dominion

Bundle Guide

  • Originally a bundle sold annually for Boys’ Day and Defenders of the Fatherland Day (Soviet-related anniversary).
  • Male Hero Soul Stone can be selected.
  • Content updated in 2024. ( > old version)

For beginners

  • Anyone can fully align Soul stones if they take the time to do so. This bundle is for beginners who understand that, but still really want it now!
  • The purpose of this bundle is to immediately strengthen heroes who have limited access to Soul stones.


[Hero Wars] Sons of Dominion

Choose and get a male hero

[Hero Wars] Sons of Dominion Chooce a Hero

Estimated amount

  • Bundle = 25,500 Emeralds(x4.2)


  • Friday, March 08, 2023 (3 days)

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