[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week46


Upcoming Events

New Heroes and the Advent Calendar!

  • The calendar is a charged element like a season events.
  • New heroes are likely to be implemented in pairs, like twins or Korvus-Morrigan.
  • If it is as usual, the later one is more likely to be some kind of powerful counter.

Official Trailer

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Upgrade New Hero for the Winterfest
Iris a Game Changer

New rewards added to Elemental Synergy?

Probably Dark and Light Titan related

User survey on 11/28

  • It will start when you log in to the game after the daily change.
  • It seems to be related to billing and targeted at people above a certain VIP level.
  • 500 Emeralds for answering the survey.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Gift system

  • Q. I think it’ll be nice if the devs or whoever add a system in-game where you could gift other people. Maybe like a Hero Wars gift card you can use in-game or just a way to gift someone Valkyries Favor, Emeralds, or one of the Special Bundles. Some people don’t have a PayPal account or maybe they don’t want one, or maybe they just can’t afford it. Everyone would benefit as there would be more purchases which means more money, and more happy players. If a player has been bought something, it motivates them to play the game more (that’s what I’ve seen). Anyway I don’t know how many stars this going to get but I think its a pretty good idea.
  • A. Hi! I agree, I too think that would be great, I will share with the team that this is something you are asking for. I think part of the reason why we are not expanding on this idea is the fear of shadow submarket emerging, with players with different prices trying to strike deals – that will inevitably end up in cases with someone being scammed and screwed over, situations that we can not help players with. But there should be some ways to mitigate these risks.

Delete an account

  • Q. is it possible to delete an account?
  • A. Yes, in order to do that you need to contact our support specialists from the account you want to be deleted.

Main Updates



Elemental Synergy


Black Friday Best Buy

Chip Key

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2022.Week46

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 11

CoW: Season1 Temporary Place 18


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