[Hero Wars Guide]Black Friday Best Buy

[Hero Wars]Black Friday 2022

Best way to buy

  • Wait for the x4 sale to start on Thursday
  • Buy 14,000 Emeralds at the x4 sale during Thursday. Split it up over 2 or more times.
  • Buy 14,000 Emeralds in the x4 sale again on Friday when the Emerald Falls switch over. Split it up over 2 or more times.


Emerald Waterfalls

  • Emerald Waterfalls is refilled with Bottled Energy quests once a week. Its changeover is on Fridays.
  • If you take advantage of the x4 sale by splitting it before and after the changeover, you can get up to 14 bottles each. You will get a total of 28 Bottled Energys as an additional reward.
  • Use this to save 14 Bottled Energys (equivalent to 4,200 emeralds)!


  • Cyber-con has a shopping frequency quest (Encoder – Streak). So you can earn extra Chip Keys by splitting the shopping times.
  • There are additional rewards based on the amount of Emeralds purchased, in addition to the number of times you shop, so be aware of that as well to get even more bang for your buck!


  • Low emerald purchases have a slightly poor emerald price ratio. However, the additional rewards outweigh the benefits
  • People with too low VIPs may be better off buying bundles

Event Quests

Emerald Boom – Streak

Encoder – Streak

Neuromancer – Streak

Play Guide

Emerald Waterfalls

Black Friday


Cyber-con All Quests 

In 2021

In 2022


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