[Hero Wars Guide]Light and Dark Artifacts

[Hero Wars Guide]Light and Dark Artifacts

About the Light and Dark Artifacts

  • The “Cosmic Artifact Chest” is the main rewords of Light and Dark Titan artifacts.
  • Can be strengthened by focusing on Light and Dark Titan.
  • Not eligible for Emerald Waterfalls.
  • Eligible for VIPs.
  • Survey will be done futuer…

About the Cosmic Artifact Chest

  • Currently available only in this bundle.
  • Not included in Elemental Synergy rewards.


  • As of 2022, few people are using Light and Dark Titan.
  • Light and Dark Titan’s 1st AF and 2nd AF are not effective against Fire, Water and Earth.
  • There are many situations where practically only the 3rd AF is effective.
  • The possibility of purchasing this bundle to contribute as powered is limited.

List of Light and Dark Artifacts

Bundle 1

[Hero Wars Guide]Light and Dark Artifacts

Bundle 2

Bundle 3

Bundle 4

Estimated Emerald equivalent for each bundle


Bundle History

  • Tuesday, November 29, 2022 (2 days)

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