[Hero Wars Guide]Emerald product changed

[Hero Wars Guide] Emerald product changed

Abount Change Emeralds

  • Now, There have been changes to Emerald items.
  • Extremely high-priced Emeralds have been introduced. The rates are set relatively favorably, and in some cases, they may be the best choice, especially when there are no ongoing events.
  • The option with the lowest price, typically favored by VIP15 users, has been discontinued. Many may see this as a service drawback, as it was commonly used to fine-tune event rewards.
  • It’s possible to purchase them even at VIP0. However, buying them at a low VIP level would result in significant losses. It’s recommended to gradually acquire cheaper options and raise your VIP level first before making a purchase.
  • To sum up, this change is likely to be met with mixed reception and may not be widely welcomed.

VIP 15



[Hero Wars]Emerald x4 Sale VIP15




[Hero Wars]Emerald x4 Sale VIP0

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