[Hero Wars Guide]Hero Brawls

[Hero Wars] Heroes Brawls

Event Guide

  • An arena-style event called Brawl.
  • The coins you get for winning or losing Brawl are very profitable. Think of it as an arena event, and aim for a max reward of 5 losses or less every day.

How to Play

  • Collect Brawl Coins from event quests, Brawl battles, and Emeralds.
  • Use Brawl Coins to buy items in the Brawl Shop.
  • Purchased items can be used to upgrade Heroes.

Quests Order

Down the Winter Lane Tasks and Rewards

What is Brawl?

  • It’s an irregular arena where you get victory rewards for defeating other players in the server.
  • Victory rewards are 22 wins and 6,800 Brawl Coins per day max.
  • Defense rewards are 5 wins and 750 Brawl Coins per day max.
  • Two potential attackers are always shown. The one you don’t defeat will stay.
  • Target Heroes is fixed, only the pet can be changed.
  • After 5 losses, you will need to purchase additional challenges with Emeralds.
  • Life is restored once a day.
  • Life recovery is based on its own update time, which is staggered from quest updates.
[Hero Wars]Judge’s Brawls

Target Heroes

Fri. May. 31

[Hero Wars]Dante

Sat. Jun. 01

[Hero Wars]Rufus

Sun. Jun. 02

[Hero Wars]Chabba

About Brawl’s rewards

  • Earn up to 6,800 Brawl Coins per day even if you play for free.
  • Equivalent to 6,528 Emeralds for 3 days.
  • It’s a bit of a hassle, but due to the importance of collecting the Hands of Glory in the store, you want to achieve as much as possible.

Playing Brawl

  • Only on the first day, you can easily win against NPCs if you start off with a dash (because other players don’t have a defense team ready).
  • Build a relatively versatile organization to reduce the hassle and make it more efficient.
  • Aim for a 22-game winning streak to get within 5 losses.
  • Due to the large number of battles required, press the ESC key and skip more.
  • Since successful defense is important, everyone is trying to be creative, and it has become more difficult for one team to win!

If you lose 5 games in Brawl

  • Buy 5 lives for 100 emeralds. The 22 win reward of 2,000 Brawl coins is equivalent to 400 emeralds, so it’s a possible decision.
  • Wait for your own update time and try again. In the case of Japan time (UTC+9), the following will happen:
    1. Your life will be restored early in the morning at 5:00 a.m.
    2. Brawl will be updated at 11:00 a.m. before noon.
    (note that your life will not be restored at this time)

Brawl’s Defense Team

  • From this second edition, you can now get defense rewards!
  • It’s a good idea to have a team that can defend.
  • Teams that can be seen as strong at a glance tend to be avoided.
  • A team that looks beatable but is not is effective.
  • Arena Masters and other people who are known to be strong in the server are at a slight disadvantage.


The 1st Brawl

The 2nd Brawl

The 3rd Brawl

The 4th Brawl

Brawl Shop

After the Event

Note that shortly after the shop’s closing, your remaining Brawl Coins (but not your remaining Lives) will be exchanged for a Large Skin Stone Chest: 600 Brawl Coins = 1 Large Skin Stone Chest.

  • The Brawl Shop will be open for 24 hours after the event ends.
  • After the Brawl Shop ends, unused Brawl Coins will be converted at 600 coins:1 Item (delivered to the In Game Mail).
  • Brawl Coin conversions are rounded up to the nearest whole number. It’s a good idea to leave fractions on purpose.
  • 1 Large Skin Stone Chest : 600 coin (Worth 192 Emerald / 100%)

Skin Stone Chest


  • Friday, May 31, 2024 (3 days)

Brawl Treasure Bundle

Brawl Treasure Bundle ALL

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