[Hero Wars Guide]Guild Quests


  • All are daily quests.
  • Updates are based on personal time. This is different from fame, which is based on server time. This allows the use of time difference techniques.
  • Unclaimed personal rewards will be sent to your in-game Mail. The retention period is 3 days.

Quest Order

  • 1. Make purchases from the shop (MAX 120)
  • 2. Rank up in the Arena Ranking (MAX 1) *
  • 3. Earn Skull Coins in the Tower (MAX 340) *
  • 4. Obtain Sparks of Power for upgrading Titans (MAX 450)
  • 5. Spend a total of Hero Skin Stones (MAX 500)
  • 6. Complete daily quests (MAX 25) *
  • 7. Use runes to enchant Hero Glyphs at the Forge for a total (MAX 1,500pts. )
  • 8. Spend gold (MAX 2,000,000)
  • 9. Defeat enemies in Campaign missions (MAX 1,200)
  • 10. Complete the Adventure (MAX 1)
  • 11. Buy or upgrade Pet Stones for a total of Chaos Particles (MAX 250pts. )
  • 12. Rank up in the Grand Arena Ranking (MAX 1) *
  • 13. Have your heroes deal damage in any mode (MAX 20,000,000)
  • 14. Have your heroes take damage in any mode (MAX 6,500,000)
  • 15. Heal your heroes in any mode (MAX 3,200,000)
  • 16. Spend Essence of the Elements upgrading Titan Artifacts (MAX 800)
  • 17. Exchange Elemental Tournament Coins for Titan Artifact Fragments (MAX 720)
  • 18. Collect Ancient Wisdom Crystals at the Ascension Spire (MAX 300)

* Can be skipped if there is a Valkyrie’s Favor

[Hero Wars Guide] Guild Quests

Tasks and Rewards


  • All rewards can be received via email.
  • Easy to use for event quest digestion.
  • Titanium is also reflected the moment it is received, so you can make decisions while watching the progress of the entire guild.
  • Prophets’ cards will disappear on a daily basis if not used after receipt.
  • Energy and portals can be received in excess of the possession limit. Energy and portals can be received in excess of the possession limit, but you must be careful with the timing.
[Hero Wars Guide] Guild Quests Rewards



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