[Hero Wars Guide]Why do people say not to upgrade Arachne Physical attack?

[Hero Wars Guide]Why do people say not to upgrade Arachne Physical attack?

Why people say you should not extend the Physical attack of the arachne

  • Arachne is a well-known control with two different stuns and net damage
  • Arachne has a Glyph for Physical attack.
  • Some people are of the opinion that this is not to be enhanced, why? I’ve been asked the question, so I’ll try to explain.

Benefits of extending Arachne’s physical attack

  • Arachne does not have any skills whose performance is enhanced by extending its own physical attack. Therefore, it purely increases the damage of the normal attack!
  • If Arachne’s physical attack glyph is extended from 0 to 50, her physical attack will increase by 4,340.
  • Arachne does not have Armor penetration stats. Also, its normal attack is not a ranged attack, so it basically attacks the opponent’s tank. Assuming the tank’s Armor is around 60,000, the damage done by this Glyph minute is around 200-300!
  • The Emerald (or Glyph) required to strengthen this Glyph is 43,750 Emeralds at lvl 50. It is hard to say that it is worth it. Instead, use the resources to strengthen heroes that can be used with a little training and broaden the range of your composition, and you will understand that you can win!
  • The difference in the amount of damage is small, but it can be the difference between victory and defeat, so it is not entirely without merit.
  • As a result of increasing the Physical attack, the overall power increases a little. This may have the effect of frightening the opponent. This is up to the player you are playing against.

Disadvantages of extending Arachne’s Physical attack

  • If your opponent has a hero with Dodge stats, i.e., a hero like Dante Aurora Heidi Yasmine, not having Armor penetration is a major disadvantage!
  • Because if the opponent successfully Dodges, the energy they get depends on the damage they do before subtracting the armor value!
  • In other words, if you hit them, you only gain 3,209 more damage, but if they dodge, you give them 70,750 more energy for 70,750 more damage!
  • Usually, the benefits and risks of extending the physical attack of a physical DPS are balanced by the fact that it has enough armor penetration stats to do 70,750 more damage if it hits, and 70,750 more energy for 70,750 more damage if it is evaded!
  • Thus, extending DPS physical attack can be defined as having relatively balanced advantages and disadvantages. In comparison, extending Arachne’s physical attack has few advantages and many disadvantages!
  • Such a development can be an antagonistic action that disadvantages itself. For example, if you are playing against Dante’s defense team, it is a development that will reduce your chances of winning.
  • Those who are familiar with the hero game call such a situation “energy presenter” as “someone who buys you energy at low risk” and treat you as a sucker.
  • Of course, this is not relevant when dealing with K’arkh or Ishmael, so avoiding evasives is considered a good idea. But given Dante’s prevalence, it’s a difficult conversation to have.
  • By the way, the disadvantages, though, are not decisive from the overall point of view, and we are not talking about making it impossible to win at all. In the current environment where Dodge is strong, it is preferable not to raise it.

Example of damage inflicted when attacking Astaroth

Astaroth does not have Dodge stat, but Dodge buff occurs in teams.

Physical attack 57,329: 2,600 damage

Physical attack 70,750: 3,209 damage

From the verification results

From the above verification results, the following results are obtained.

  • Gauge provided by Glyph of Physical attack: 4,340 damages Dodge energy
  • Damage increase by Glyphs of Physical attack: 197 damage


  • It is recommended not to upgrade it.
  • It’s not so much a definite negative as a definite negative because of the raise, it’s more of a margin of error.
  • In terms of resource usage, it would be better to prioritize Glyphs for other heroes to make them stronger in total. The more people you raise, the more likely you are to run out of Glyphs.

Extra: R+2 Brazier of the Bloody Lotus

I personally don’t equip them.

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