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What is the schedule of upcoming events?

  • How can we see the schedule of upcoming events at Hero Wars?
  • Here’s how it’s organized.

Upcoming events

  • When officially leaked information exists, we will post it in our Weekly Reports.
  • Basically, we update it from Thursday to Friday, but it is irregular because the official information may be updated at other times.

Weekly Reports

Schedule of events during the year

  • Hero Wars has a variety of seasonal events, which are usually held only once a year in a given month.
  • Please refer to the list below for a list of events.

Seasonal Events

Regular events

  • There are events that are held on a regular basis. These events are managed according to an event rotation.
  • For example, the Pet Event (The Great Storm) is rotated once every two months.
  • The event rotation is reviewed on an irregular basis, and events removed from the rotation are excluded from the event calendar for a period of six months or a year.
  • In 2023, a review of the event rotation has been declared a priority.
  • Please refer to the list below for a list of the events that will be included in the rotation.

Regular Events

Emerald x4 Sale

  • Basically, the sale is held for three days starting on the third Friday of each month.
  • In addition, the sale is often held for one day at the beginning of each month.
  • Please refer to the page for the past history of the Emerald x4 Sale.

Emerald x4 Sale

Schedule of Season Events

  • Season events will be held on an individual basis, not uniformly for everyone.
  • The order of the events and the starting team level are fixed.
  • Please refer to the relevant page for a list of conditions.

Season Events

One-off events

  • Most one-time events are announced at the last minute.
  • Please refer to the list of past events.

One-off Events

Demon Doll and Other Events

  • Basically, events are held during gaps when other events are not available.
  • Please refer to the page for the events that are applicable to you.

Non Special Events

Scheduled mini-events

  • Some mini-events are held according to certain rules, while others are held irregularly.
  • Both types of events are listed on this page.

Mini Events

Mini Events(Heroes)

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