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Upcoming Events

* Announcements only

Event Calendar Format

[Hero Wars Guide] Event Calendar 2023 Week44

* Announcements only

November Events

[Hero Wars] December Events

The official announcement has revealed many events, presented in no particular order and without known dates.

Among these events, the dates for the following some are currently unknown.

Official announcement 

  • As you can see in the picture, there will be a lot happening in November:
  • Special Halloween Calendar, The Great Storm, The Elemental Synergy, Ascension to Asgard, Time of the Fearless, Special events with new Stellar and Cyber skins, New Map Part in Seasonal Adventure, Legacy of The Great Ones, Event for Nature Titans, The Guardians of Outland, Champions Season and one more event, which we will tell you about later!
  • Which events are you looking forward to the most? Share with us! Please note that the depicted November events may be subject to change — in that case, we will definitely inform you in our posts!

Special events with new Stellar and Cyber skins

  • It is currently unknown whether this is a single event or two separate events.
  • In the past, the following Cyber-con and Stellar Skin Chest have been held. However, these were separate in past events, so it is unclear if there will be one set
Stellar Skin Chest

One more event which we will tell you about later!

Based on previous announcements of a winter notice, there may be a new Hero or Ascension opening event.

Important Game Updates for Players: How to Read

Explorer’s Move Gifts

  • Sent directly to your mailbox on 13/Nov. and 14/Nov. with a game message title.
  • Once received, it can be kept on hand and used to move to the next map. However, please be aware that the mailbox itself has an expiration date for receiving items!



Comics Gifts Code




Combat UI Update

Regarding the camera mark button:

  • Enables/disables the Ultimate Skill (first skill) animation.
  • Functions similarly to the one found in the Pause menu.
  • Currently, it is only applicable to Thea and Keira.

Community Boat

  • Voting Held for Target Hero for Upcoming Hero Event
  • Amira was chosen!

Vote Results

Previous Hero Events

Death Is Just The Beginning
The Dance of Ice and Lightning
The Path of Mercy
Wrath of the Earth
Snake Charmer

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

War Flags and Patterns Can Be Obtained F2P

  • Q. Just a question: will there be a way to get Flags and Pattterns f2p? Or maybe did you already broke the base way this game worked till now (everything is collectable f2p, using money make you collect it much faster)?
  • A. Flags and patterns will be accessible with f2p approach, but will take time and effort.

* Only the beach skins is not way for F2P.

War flags

Introduction of New Options for War Flags and Patterns in the Future

  • Q. Well… it depends. If they make Flags and Pattern like totems (must have to win and you can get them only with real money), it will be impossible for f2p and low spenders to compete with them in hero mode (like it already is in titan mode) and this will be the end of any sort of meaning to play the game at all
    We’ll see when they will be released
  • A. This functionality will be expanded. In the future, new flags and pattern options will be introduced. There will be ways to get them via f2p.

War Flags and Patterns on the Maps of the Next Seasonal Adventure

  • Q. what will happen to the current flags and pattern once the mysterious island disappear, will they be available via normal means? Like “clash of world shop” or something?
  • A. The flags and patterns (currents and future ones) will be obtainable on the next seasonal adventure maps when they will be introduced. And you will be able to get them f2p but it will take time and effort. So there is no time exclusivity for them. Different ways to get flags in the future are also possible
Mysterious Island

Will War Flags and Patterns Be Obtainable F2P in the Future?

  • Q. Red artifacts, archeology tools just for emeralds, no upfront info about the second half of the Mysterious Island and “hero totems” there and I’m done. I spent 500+$ for this game since February which is neither much nor little, but with the overall communication – or rather lack of it – around game changes and a big risk “hero totems” are going to break the funniest part of this game I decided to stop playing. I don’t enjoy it anymore.

    Archeology tools just for a significant number of emeralds right after Spooky Festival where low spenders spend most of their emeralds shown where it’s all going. BTW I spent 45k emeralds during Spooky Festival, mostly for opening 700+ titan artifact spheres and got 0 totem fragments, as usual. I’ve never got totems differently than with the 1st threadshold of Bad Luck Protection or from Seasons.
    Flags and Patterns (already delayed, so probably under a heavy development) and no info if they would be anyhow achievable for free are just hinting me Heros part of this game would get unbalanced similar to Titans part, where I mine 720 or more titanite a day just to pump my titans and it’s enough to face an opponent with a stronger totem (which is not hard as I’ve just 2-star water and 2-star earth ones) to get whipped out.
  • A. Thanks for your participation and passion for the game. Hopefully, Upcoming changes will make you change your mind. Regarding the info oh whether Flags and Patterns will be achievable for free in the future or not – they will be. Right now the leading idea is to put some of the Flags and Patters onto the next maps in points that can be reached without purchasing anything. But we also fight other places and ways to distribute them further down the line.

Establishing Permanent Methods to Acquire Past War Flags and Patterns

  • Q. If this flag and patterns will be “must have” to win and not farmable f2p in an acceptable amount of time (like for example insignas) ther will be no more HW in my future. Heroes is the part of the game that, with time and patience, a f2p player can build a competitive team. If they add to heroes something like totems (“must have” to be top and farmable only with real money) they destroyed any reason to play this game anymore… Let’s see
  • A. Thank you for your feedback. Currently almost all the Patterns and Flags are obtainable for f2 players, and in the future there will always be ways to obtain the old Patterns and Flags without purchases — but maybe with a bit of a delay and effort.

Every game is a balance between entertainment and business

  • Q. As this has been accurately pointed out by HWCentral: this is a business disguised as a game. Any remnants of appearances are pretty much gone. The first big step towards that was with the beach skin for Iris. The 2021 beach skins for Cleaver and Kai were less relevant. Now to be competitive in Arena and GW you would need: valkyries favor, golden ticket and subscription for mysterious island. The goal is clear – to attempt to milk out the customer base as much as humanly possible, regardless of what the outflux of players is. At this point they can rename the game to ‘Whale Wars’, as I really no longer see room here for regular players willing to spend like 40 USD a month, and with low-spenders being completely sidelined, with close to no ability to catch up with good resource management and skill. Not even mentioning F2P here, as it would be ridiculous.
  • A. Hello! We appreciate your opinion and feedback on the game. We would like to share our perspective and explain some aspects that may seem unfair or unclear to you. It is important to note that every game is a balance between entertainment and business. We strive to create a quality gaming experience that is interesting and accessible to all players. Introducing new elements such as skins and additional features helps us support the game’s development and ensure its long-term sustainability. We understand that some game features may seem only available to players who are willing to invest significant amounts of money. However, we try to offer diverse opportunities for different types of players, including those who do not wish to spend large sums. We constantly work on balancing and updates to provide a fair gaming environment for everyone. Thank you for your feedback, I’ll make sure that it will get to the ones who are responsible.

UI Fixes Planned for All Heroes View

  • Q. All jokes aside, Nexters please fix this apalling layout. Just put the tabs for Heroes, Pets, and War Flags on the left hand side and free up the vertical space again for more heroes.
    While you are at it why don’t you also add a search box up the top to allow us to type the name of the hero and have the list of shown heroes be filtered down as we type. It has always bugged me sorting through a list of heroes sorted by power level to find the hero I want to navigate into. None of us like wasting time scrolling to find something.
  • A. Hello, over the past day we have received a lot of feedback about the interface of this feature. This is only the first version of this functionality, so it will be further improved over time. Developers agree that these interface elements need to be revised

Prioritizing Quality of Life (QoL) Improvements

  • Q. Its a sad day for server 153 because we are losing another top player due to game-quit. Not only was he an excellent player but also a really nice and helpful person. Although you could classify him as a mini-whale but his understanding of the HW game mechanics was really brilliant. He was a mentor and guide to anyone who would ask for help without considering whether we were in a rival guild. Nexters is pushing this game to an early grave by bringing in trash updates without considering the need and wishes of its players. The biggest problem; “the lack of QoL improvements”, which are severely needed in the game are causing a lot of player-burnouts. If any HW game developer is reading this, we request you, to please pause all your so called “much needed New Content” and start focusing on the QoL improvements which are suggested by many players repeatedly in the Starboard. Plz don’t make us, hate this game!
  • A. It’s always sad to hear that. I hope that when important changes happen in the game, He will come back and have fun like before.

QoL Improvements Set to Commence After the New Year

  • Q. Unfortunately no star from me. I want them to abandon the whole flags and patterns idea rather than retarget it at an entirely different mode.
    I feel like even the most stubbornly optimistic players are starting to lose their faith with all the recent revenue seeking antics.

    – Recent introduction of red artifacts resetting the goal posts on every fully developed hero and putting it behind a massive paywall to try and force people that have already invested hugely into the game to invest even more just so they can stay competitive.
    – All the other shameless money grubbing shenanigans in the past year (e.g. Stellar Chest “pay $600 for a skin” RNG nonsense, events every month to double ticket sales, then “mini golden tickets” to try and further double the monthly ticket revenues again).
    – Now introduction of P2W buffs for Arena and Guild War which means you can no longer properly test using the guild battles / combat testing. It is already inaccurate enough and now it will be even less so.
    Even the most hardened Hero Wars fan is feeling sick to their stomach at the moment. It genuinely feels like this organisation has no soul left.
    I wish they would just focus on quality of life improvements and bug fixes so that players would feel better about the game they are investing into rather than trying to find another way to shake down the player base. I would be happy to supply a list of the ones that I feel would make the biggest difference if I felt the developers would actually do something with it.
  • A. Yep, I understand your frustration. War flags and Patterns will be obtainable via f2 pstyle. Combat Training will be updated to match current changes. Hopefully, developers will focus on QoL improvements after the “holiday rush”

The Forgotten Treasury Is Not a Game

  • Q. wow! so now the “events” (forgotten treasury in this case) don’t have anything to do with playing the game anymore AT ALL and just want us to spend resources. well, it looks like nexters is trying really hard to make it easy for us (or at least me) to stop playing (at the very least stop paying) this game. So disappointing. Nothing for gameplay anymore. Only resource spending. So dull!!!
  • A. Developers value every feedback. That includes comments on social networks and players’ in-game actions. If statistics show that one or another game feature is not interesting for players it becomes a matter of attention for further improvements.
The Forgotten Treasury

Events Should Be Postponed in Case of Bugs

  • Q. Can you please extend current Guardians of Outland event until you fixed your bugs (missing adventure map and season giving too little experience/levels), so players can use the emeralds, they would have gotten today (and expected) from season and adventure map, on the current event. Thx for your understanding.
  • A. Despite our efforts to provide advance notice of various events, we are not immune to force majeure events and rearrangements. This is mentioned in the disclaimer accompanying our calendars. Additionally, not all events can be postponed independently without affecting the long-term schedule

Official Disclosure of Advent Calendar Contents

  • Q. Hi CMs, from next time onwards either in the live stream itself or in ⁠📢news , can we see all the rewards present in the advent calendar? It is important so that people based on their own evaluation can decide whether it’s worth buying the advent calendar subscription based on the resources present in it or not.
    Same is the case for mysterious maps as well, show us all the rewards present in the map, and at which location it is present so that we can evaluate the investment we need to make on mysterious maps. Also, by doing so we can minimize the stretch of the usage of 3rd party softwares.
  • A. we will consider this
Halloween Calender

Replace for Raid Button in Campaigns

  • Q. Nexters can you please replace the final Raid x n button with a Raid x10 until Item Complete.
    No one uses the existing third button right now (e.g. Raid x 999) as no one just wants to spend all their energy on a particular item as you lose the guaranteed drop every 10 raids and you might also overshoot the amount of fragments you need to complete the item.
    What we actually want is a single button click that repeatedly does the Raid x10 operation until we have enough fragments to complete the item we selected before entering this screen. If the player entered the screen through the campaign screen instead of the hero item view then the third button should be hidden.

    Note: You could also call it Raid until Full as well but I gave it the longer name deliberately to stress how important that guaranteed drop every 10 is or people will simply continue hammering the Raid x10 button.
  • A. On this matter, I agree with you. I myself never use this button. I will pass your suggestions to the developers

Plans for Improving ToE

  • Q. 4 abs totem teams and 2x 100k something teams at the same ToE stage xxx are there any plans to change or at least fix ToE? Why it depends on players titan power level…
  • A. Hopefully, developers will address ToE suggestions and improvements next year.

Delete in-game messages

  • Q. please grant us an option to delete in-game messages that we have sent to someone.
  • A. I highly doubt that this will happen. Cause it may lead to various abuses

Important news Should Be Through In-Game Mail

  • Q. Hi CMs, may be you should inform such vital inforamtion 📢news⁠ through in-game mail itself, because many people might miss that info, who are not that much active on Hero Wars Official discord server or who didnt regularly visit the Community Site.
  • A. There were 2 reasons why we didn’t: 1. Too wordy for an in-game mail even in a shortened version (we’ve tested); 2. We’ve added “check the socials to learn about changes” part into the mail with your compensations exactly for that reason. The hope was that we will be able to send them out right away after the change, but we had to postpone it.
    That said, this is a fair point, next time we will try to do just that and increase the coverage of this kind of vital information through in-game mail and deliver it to players faster

Main Updates and Game trends


Mysterious Island


Interplanetary Travel (Stellar Skins event)

Julius’s Cybertech

The Forgotten Treasury

Forgotten Treasury Vase

Lesser Pet Soul Chest

Pet Box

Artifact Chest

War flags

Why do people say not to upgrade Arachne Physical attack?

The latest trends, Best heroes, Best teams

Important Game Updates for Players: How to Read

Tier List 2023 (on PvP)

Best Heroes 2023

Which DPS to Upgrade in 2023

Which Tank to Upgrade in 2023

Which Healer to Upgrade in 2023

Which Support to Upgrade in 2023

Which Control to Upgrade in 2023

Meta Teams

Best Teams

The Best Titans Tier List

Titan’s Meta Teams

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week44

Guild War:Web31-Gold league, Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 9

CoW: Season 5 Temporary Place 13


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