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Event Guide

  • Hero Event for Sebastian.
  • Various hero enhancement materials can be obtained.
  • The quest structure is the same as Marth’s event and Corvus event.
[Hero Wars]Sebastian

It was voted to hold the event

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Flavor Text

Fingers strum the strings. A chord, then another! The sounds knock you down like a young beauty’s gaze or an enemy’s pickaxe. The rhythm is the resonant clicking of heels or stray buckshot. The melody is more intoxicating than royal wines, than blood lost by a soldier for the world’s fate. Sebastian is well aware of the great power of art. Music is his weapon!

Task List

  • 1. Score points (MAX 18,000)
  • 2. Promote your hero Sebastian (MAX Orange +2)
  • 3. Reach the Evolution level for Sebastian (MAX Star 6)
  • 4. Get VIP points (MAX 4,500)
  • 5. Spend Emerald (MAX 60,000)
  • 6. Spend Energy (MAX 10,000)
  • 7. Unlock an Ascension glyph in the Ascension Spire (MAX 35)
  • 8. Spend gold (MAX 3,000,000)
  • 9. Level up the glyph for Sebastian (MAX 150)
  • 10. Perform summons in the Soul Atrium (MAX 100)

Task Details and Rewards

Spend gold tasks

  • Any quest for gold is worthwhile.
  • Beginners can invest their gold to enhance their skill levels and fulfill these quests.
  • Additionally, purchasing buffs for the Battle of Osh contributes to the completion of these quests.

About obtaining Sebastian’s Soulstone

  • Sebastian’s Soul Stone requires a certificate. A few hurdles to collect.
  • This might not be the case for longtime players, but for those looking to advance Sebastian, this event can be seen as an opportunity.

Event Shop Guide

Event History

  • Friday, April 19, 2024 (3 days)

Event Bundle


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