[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week18

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week18


Upcoming Events

Unlock Skins for Mushy and Shroom

  • Lunar and Spring Skins for Mushy and Shroom are now available for Skin Stones! 
  • Previously they were obtainable only during special event, but now you can unlock them with your Skin Stones!
  • So don’t forget to check them out, if you haven’t got them already.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

New Titan resources available

  • Q. Its May, do we get now the Tanks in the Circle of Summoning and the Artifact Fragments in the Tournament Shop ?
  • A. Hello! We’re planning a stream in the near future. It is possible that some of your questions will be answered there.

Aidan and Axel combo

  • Q. When we connect weak hero with Aiden and put weak hero Axel, the damage calculated based on the health of the weak hero who has Axel. It’s not based on their total health. So we can only deal so small damage to them.
    Is this a bug or not? Anyone know? CM didn’t answer starboard post lol
  • A. Hello! This is not a bug.

 How many players still cheat

  • Q. Are you guys serious? 4 battle resets for Osh and 2 in CoW until a warning pops up and another one until you get banned? Do you know that this way a team that usually wins only 90% of the times in COW suddenly gets a comfortable 99.9% chance to win? And that 4 tries with Albus before changing to Axel is a lot to and still gives a big advantage to those using the script? Furthermore, it must be a bad joke that these counters get reset after less than 6 hours (maybe after just 1 hour??) allowing to repeat this practice at least 12 times in a Osh weekend granting around 50 Osh attacks which should be enough to never fail with Albus. It feels like hardly anything has changed. This exploit is definitely not closed yet. You just made it a bit harder to exploit it.
    It would be so simple to close this whole exploit once and for ever by simply recalculate such invalid battle results as played in auto like you do in case of a browser crash. In the end there is not much difference between these two things and I argue that unintended browser crashes happen far more often than unintended submission of invalid battle results. This way the script can’t do anything you can’t do without it by simply closing the browser before the battle ends.
    I’m really disappointed with your pseudo solution to shut this practice down. Personally, I think you failed at this task and you literally ask to continue to cheat in this game. Especially since there is hardly any risk if you cheat in this game.
  • A. Hey! Thank you for pointing out the flaws of the solution, we can’t make it better without your feedback!
    We didn’t want to make the ban instant or end the battle in auto mode after 1-2 invalid battles, as legitimate invalid errors are rare but they do happen, and we didn’t want to punish innocent players for that. That said, it’s definitely possible that we set the limit too high or we would be better off autocompleting invalid battles.
    We saw the main issue in players raking up hundreds if not thousands of attempts, but if two attempts can hurt almost as much – we will deal with that too. Right now we are gathering feedback with the support specialists before making further tweaks. If the changes are needed – we will make them. But first, we will see how many players still cheat with the current restrictions, how much of an impact it has, etc. We will do our best not to drag with the follow-up if needed

Main Updates


Hero List by Main stat





Rufus Rakashi’s Oath

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week18

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 12

CoW: Season 2 Temporary Place 4


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