[Hero Wars Guide]Amira Forecast Guide

[Hero Wars]Amira

Since I am writing this before it appears, please call it as “hit or miss.”

Amira at a glance

  • Control-type magic hero.
  • Provides debuffs based on the opponent’s main stats.
  • The type that makes the battle situation more difficult to read than stable activity.
  • Seems to be similar in nature to Faceless.

Amira Guide

Amira’s Skills

  • 1: Summons gold to all opponents, time-delayed damage
    → if the damage is the same as mobile, it is reduced according to the damage dealt after the summoning
    → depending on the power, it may be a Nebula-killer
  • 2: Debuff of attack miss on critical only for heroes whose main stat is quickness
    → also grants UP critical rate
    → if original critical rate is present, it adds up.
  • 3: Debuff that reduces magic attack power only for heroes whose main stat is intellect
    → At the same time, it also buffs the amount of healings UP
  • 4: Summons a decoy that takes the effect of protecting a hero whose main stat is Strength
    → Prevents the opponent hero from receiving Andvari Astaroth’s protection skill
    → The appearance of this decoy may be a condition for the debuff to be granted.

Notes on Amira

  • Note 1: It is difficult to generate debuffs consistently because the debuffs by skills 2-4, which can be called the main body, are of a type that cannot be controlled in their activation. However, since Merlin’s patron is thought to be effective, it is possible that if Merlin is the patron, he will be in debuff almost all the time, just like Krista.
  • Note 2: The magic attack power reduction is an individual-acting debuff, so it may be powerless against Osh.

Amira’s pet situation

  • Debuffs are for skills 2-4, so Merlin’s patron is effective
  • If you want to extend the debuff, you want a patron of Mahler’s

Amira’s Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Amira counters: Yasmin, Sebastian?, Jet, Nebula, Andvari, and Astaroth.
  • Counter to Amira: Sebastian?, Isaac, Aurora

Relationship between Amira and each hero

  • Amira vs. Aurora: Aurora’s main stat is power, so Amira’s debuff is invalid.
  • Amira vs. Arachne: Arachne’s main stat is speed, so Amira’s debuff is invalid, but in the first place, Arachne can be said to be unimportant except for the stun occurrence.
  • Amira vs. Sebastian: While it gives a debuff against criticality, it may also cut the debuff. If the debuff recasts quickly, pairing with Liane or Corvus to saturate the debuff cut is effective.
  • Amira vs. Nebula: Although the debuff is cut, the most skill may kill her with a single blow.
  • Amira vs. Celeste: White Celeste is a bit of a pain because of the debuff cut and increased recovery. Lower magic attack power for black Celeste.
  • Amira vs. Martha: Lower magic attack but increase recovery, so which is more increase or decrease?
  • Amira vs. Isaac: Isaac is likely to duck because of the basic magic attack, but if Isaac critically hits, the attack is invalid. (Silence may not occur at this time because it is treated as a miss.
  • Amira and Helios: Criticals are converted to misses, so Helios counters may fail. Need to be verified.
  • Amira vs. Juju: misses a critical, but too many moves and could be knocked down by a back attack at the break of the debuff, so 3rd or 4th.
  • Amira vs. Dante: misses criticals, but may be knocked down by a break in the debuff. If you use it, make it 5th.
  • Amira vs. K’herk: misses a critical, but is likely to be taken down regardless.


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