[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week36

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2022.Week36


There are no changes to the schedule of events this week.
The pet event will begin after this one.
And if it is the same as last year, a new hero will be introduced after that.

Upcoming Events

Official FAQ

Quiz Ticket Storage

[Hero Wars Guide]Lore Festival Group Gift2
  • Q. In previous events, since these don’t have expiration dates, you can save these for future quiz so you can get higher scores.  But some complained this time they removed extra tickets from inbox so not sure if still works.
  • A. Now you can’t, we’ve fixed this loophope.

Addition of Light and Darkness Titans to Titan Chests

  • Q. I hope, these can be used for the new titans in due time ( i know, it wont be rigth after the release, but one day….) . They can be, rigth?? 🥺
  • A. I can’t promise anything right now. Usually, new things are added to these kinds of boxes at some point, yeah, but I don’t know for sure if we will go the same route with these new Titans or not. I know that they won’t be there from the start, that’s for sure. And if the team decides to add them there, it might be a while before they will be added.

Light/Dark Titan Soul Stones from the Summoning spheres?

  • Q. Can we get a confirmation (or at least an estimate) on how long it will be after the ‘special events’ that we’ll be able to get Light/Dark Titan Soul Stones from the Summoning spheres?
  • A. I can confirm that they won’t be available anywhere else from the start, and I can confirm that that at some point that will change and there will be other methods for getting them. But I don’t have any information about the length of this period.

we can revisit hero patrons?

  • Q. I know the Devs are super busy with the new game mode getting it ready for the release, however, I thought I would ask now and hopefully it is something they can look at in future, but, is there any chance we can revisit hero patrons?
    There are some that really dont make sense, like the most common complaint is why does Nebula only have the option of Cain?
    I know she has the dodge stat, but thats just a bit of a defence thing for her like with Jet, its not a main feature of her skills, so it makes sense that she can have Cain, but why not Fenris?
    I know she doesnt have Armour penetration stats naturally…. But Helios doesnt have Magic Penetration stat naturally, yet he can use Merlin as a patron.
    There are other heroes too like Jorgen for example, is there any reason he cant use Biscuit or Khorus for example.
    Then there is also the fact that most of the pets are seriously weighted on the mage side of things, where as there are a lot of heroes that can only have Fenris on the physical side (and Fenris’ violet skill in my opinion is the only patron skill that I dont value higher than the bonus stats).
    I just think it could be useful if the patrons could be revised a little and Im sure others would agree.
    But also the lack of physical pets might be useful to consider for the next pet release (though I know we have a year to wait for this…. although it would be nice to have 2 a year in my opinion, though Im sure many wont agree with me on this one haha)
  • A. Hey! I don’t think we will revise the Pets themselves anytime soon, but we can change some Patronage distributions. But not as a one major overhaul, but as a part of a particular heroes reworks, whey they will get buffed and also will get some additional Patrons available to them. At least, this is the most likely way that we can take to balance that a bit more

Main Updates


Lore Festival

Lore Rush

Otherworldly Doll

Charged Doll


Series of events

Lore Seeker’s Bag

Imprisoned Doll

Doll of Glorious Heroes

Fair Wind Doll

Doll of Loyal Companions

Element Summoning Doll

Platform Specifications

Double Totem System

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2022.Week36

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 8


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