[Hero Wars Guide]Ode to Beauty

[Hero Wars]Happy International Womens

Ode to Beauty Description

This bundle is sold every year in conjunction with the International Women’s Day. You can choose a female hero’s soulstone.
In addition, soul stones for male heroes will be sold in the same way on February 23, Boys’ Day and Defenders of the Homeland Day.
You can choose Iris’s soul stone, which has significant restrictions on how to obtain it.

[Hero Wars]Happy International Womens Day

Bundle Details

[Hero Wars]Ode to Beauty

Choose and get a female hero

Estimated Emerald equivalent for bundle

1,167JPY bundle = 10,000 Emeralds(x2.9)


  • Mon, 08 March, 2021 (1 day)
  • Wed, 08 March, 2022 (3 days)
  • Tue, 07 March, 2022 (3 days)

Concurrent Events

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