[Hero Wars Guide]Adventure 12 Best Route

Adventure 12 Details

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Adventure 12 Best Route

  • Player 1 (Left): 08-02-04-07-16-23-32-23-24-17-11-08-01-09-13
  • Player 2 (Center): 05-12-15-12-14-26-25-34-29-28-20-19-18-Boss (x2)
  • Player 3 (Right): 03-06-10-22-31-30-21 (x8 / Recoverys)

Recovery Route

  • Player 1’s square 09 and 13 are considered effort targets and can be recovered by Player 3.
  • If Player 2 makes more than 2 mistakes, Player 3 can provide recovery.

Recovery Route 1

Player 1: 1 mistake and Player 2: 3 mistakes

Recovery Route 2

Player 1: 2 mistakes and Player 2: 3 mistakes

Recovery Route 3

Player 2:  7 mistakes

Advantages of This Route

  • 1. Efficient Logging In: No waiting is required for other players to log in. All three players can navigate the route with just one login.
  • 2. Quick Confirmation: Once two players have completed their turns, three boxes are confirmed, allowing the daily quest to be completed. This minimizes the stress of waiting for the third person.
  • 3. Specialized Routes: The left route exclusively deals with physical defense, while the right route focuses solely on magic defense.
  • 4. Mistake Tolerance: All players can afford to make mistakes, ensuring a forgiving environment.
  • 5. High Tolerance for Mistakes (Right Route): The right route, in particular, has a high tolerance for mistakes. This makes it suitable for assisting weaker players during their debut.
  • 6. Player 3 Takes Physical Route: Designating the Player 3 to handle the physical route is advantageous, especially for weaker players who might only be equipped to handle this route. If there are several such players, assigning them to the physical route helps in maintaining smooth adventures. Implementing this route as a guild rule can prevent disruptions and contribute to effective guild management, ensuring the guild’s long-term survival.
  • 7. No Need to Relearn: This route remains compatible with Adventures 13-12, irrespective of buffing differences. There is no necessity to relearn the route, providing a consistent and efficient approach for guild members. This ensures that the guild can smoothly transition between different adventures without requiring additional training or adjustments based on buffs.

Importance of Choosing the Best Adventure Route

  • The commonly known route often requires waiting for others to progress, leading to time constraints based on login times.
  • It’s recommended to play Adventures at least once every three days, even when using staggered raid techniques. Opting for a route with no login wait ensures a more enjoyable experience, especially on busier days.

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