[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension Resource Gift

[Hero Wars Guide]Ascension Resource Gift

About the Ascension Resource Gift

  • Same rewards as the Astral Seer, but with secondary rewards such as Soul Stones and ranking rewards.
  • Even taking into account the secondary rewards, the combination of the Emerald 4 Sale and the Astral Seer still wins overall.

Root box discharge rate

Ascension Resource Gift, 526 pieces opened. For your reference.
(Thanks to DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO and japanese-chat for their help!)

  • Eternal Seed x5 : 23 (4.4%)
  • Eternal Seed x1 : 48 (9.1%)
  • Random Greater Insignia x40 : 41 (7.8%)
  • Random Radiant Crystal x60 : 83 (15.8%)
  • Random Insignia x80 : 99 (18.8%)
  • Random Vibrant Crystal x120 : 81 (15.4%)
  • Random Crystal x250 : 151 (28.7%)

Comparison of expected value when 30,000 emeralds are used

Astral SeerAscension Resource Gift
Eternal Seed105
Vibrant Crystal856277
Radiant Crystal402142
Greater Insignia40947
(Soul Stone)

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