[Hero Wars Guide]Guild War Glossary (DASHI-TAMA Style)

[Hero Wars Guide]Guild War Glossary

A glossary of terms used in Hero Wars guild warfare in the guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO. Please refer to it to know the atmosphere of the guild war.

  • Dashi-Tama: About their guild.
  • Red Mark: An attacker.
  • Free Attack: Guild game without instructions.
  • Burning: During an attack.
  • Boo-Boo. Multiple attackers.They’re burning all over the place.
  • Operation plan: The general’s written plan for the guild war.
  • First to attack: attacking before the completion of the operation plan to make it possible for the following people to attack sooner.
  • First to Beat: Successfully First to attack.
  • Priority Target: The first fortification to fall. The bridge is always the first priority, so it should come after that.
  • Kaitsuu: Successful capture of the Bridge.
  • Kaimon: Successful capture of the Gate of Nature.Or rather, making it possible to attack the Citadel.
  • Sweet Spot: In a matchup where the attacker always wins if both players are at full strength, the defender always wins because the defender is not at full strength. The term is mainly used to refer to whether or not auto-attack is allowed in Titan battles.
  • Demon style: A tankless titan formation.
  • Zero-style: A double-tanked titan formation.
  • Ace Battle: A hero battle against an opponent’s ace rating. Great tension.
  • Templated Dante:Team of Corvus, Dante, Isaac, Sebastian, and Martha.
  • Tuigeki: Attacking an opponent who could not be defeated in one go. Sometimes the gauge builds up and the risk goes up.
  • Waiting for Tuigeki: A person who waits in case an attack fails. DASHI-TAMA is traditionally the role of the strongman. Most of the time, it’s an easy job, but sometimes you’ll have to fight a can’t-miss Dante or K’arkh with a full gauge.
  • Musou: A situation in which the opponent fails to defeat you, and you fail to follow up when your gauge is full, and then fail to follow up again when your gauge is full.
  • Night time: I think it’s roughly 20:00 to 23:00.
  • Sorry to keep you waiting: The wait is over. It’s closer to the nuance of “it’s time to go”.
  • Suburi: To do image training in a guild battle before attacking.
  • 10 battle win rate: How many times can you win out of 10 battles? It means.
    Language for a common measure of whether you can win or not.
  • Try it: A signal to attack even though it is not certain.
  • Giant Killing: A successful attack with a power difference of 150,000 or more.
  • GJ!: Good job. A standard phrase for a successful attack.
  • Nice: Same as above.
  • Nice fight: Often used to word someone for a failed attack. The most frustrating thing about a failed attack is the person themselves, so those around them want to follow up.


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