[Hero Wars Guide]How to proceed with Lara Croft events

[Hero Wars] Lara Croft adventure

Event Progression Procedure

Doing Relic Liberation

Get Lara Croft’s Soul Stone

Increase the effectiveness of relics whenever possible

  • Progress as much as you can on your quest and path to glory before facing minions and bosses.
  • You’ll earn more bonuses each time you go into battle!
  • The amount you can collect depends on your quest progress.

Path to Glory


Fight the boss when you decide you’re ready

Temple Guardians

The approach to aim for

  • If you plan to use Lara Croft exclusively for expeditions in the future, simply log in during the event. You can collect Lara’s equipment later!
  • If you want to integrate Lara Croft into your team, you’ll have to work harder later in the event. You’ll need to get the Grand Prize from the Lost Treasure Trove and collect the Soul Stone.
  • If you want a choice totem as a reward for defeating the level 300 boss, make sure you have enough time to challenge the boss multiple times during the second half of the event. Also, the difficulty may be set higher than usual this time around. Securing buffs efficiently is crucial!


  • Rushing through the boss encounter may cause you to miss out on available Relic buffs!
  • Rushing to collect Lara Croft’s Soul Stone may result in an overabundance in the Forgotten Treasure Trove, which may end up being wasted!

Play Show Case (Youtube)

Player who plan to defeat level 300 boss

Player who plan to get 6 star Lara

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