[Hero Wars Guide]Light Spirit Summoning Sphere

[Hero Wars Guide] Light Spirit Summoning Sphere

About Light Spirit Summoning Sphere

  • Unlike the standard version, where Water, Fire, and Earth Totem are available, Dark Totem of is a fixed acquisition.
  • If all totems have been completed, you can get 200,000 emeralds or a transfer.
    * This is not an in-game feature, but a request to support for a response.
  • There are hidden effects that advance BLP (Bad Luck Protection, Guaranteed Totem Drop) all the way to the next line at once. Beginners who do not have two or more totems should save them.
    * Changed to the specification that only one is digested.
    * This is an expected feature from other items.

About the bug

On the first day of implementation, there was a bug that prevented people who had already completed 18 totems (Water, Fire, Earth) from using them, and we are waiting for a response.

What is BLP (Bad Luck Protection, Guaranteed Totem Drop)

Limited time offer

Light Spirit Totem 

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