[Hero Wars Guide]The Mystery of Dominion. Volume 1

[Hero Wars]Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Event Overview

  • One of the events in conjunction with Tomb Raider
  • This event is divided into two halves, the first half of the event.
  • Exclusive map, dedicated store, and daily quests available for a limited time.
  • There are also concurrent events, including a special mini-season and daily quests, but the number of quests for this event alone is not that large.

Flavor Text

Join Lara Croft and the heroes of Dominion as they venture into the jungle to explore the lost city and retrieve an ancient relic, the Key of Time, which is causing entire worlds to blend into each other.

Play Guide

How to proceed with the dedicated map event

  • Acquire minion fight items and event store coins through quests and daily quests.
  • Engage in boss battles when time allows, considering playtime as a personal factor. Decide judiciously when to use buffs, maintaining a certain level of discretion.
  • When buffs are required, utilize buff materials obtained from minion fights, among other sources. Choose the “justice” option at the forge to craft buffs specifically for boss encounters.
  • In minion battles, focus on targeting minions that offer desired rewards. However, it is crucial to defeat the initially appearing minions to unlock subsequent ones. Consult the provided list for reference.
  • Exchange x6 minion battle items for one minion battle opportunity.
  • Victorious minion battles yield 1,500 coins and buff materials from the dedicated store.
  • Utilize the coins obtained from the special store for shopping purposes.
[Hero Wars Guide] King of the Jungle Event Map


  • Join Lara Croft in this adventure’s story battles and prevent the worlds from blending into each other! Participating in battles requires Adventure Energy. Earn it by completing daily and special quests on the event map.
  • The event lasts 13 days and is spread across two maps. The map will be automatically switched on May 19, but you will still be able to access the shop, the Temple Guardians and the event’s Battle Pass on both maps. Each map contains 7 story battles, unlocked one by one. Win these battles to earn Ancient Coins and Workshop materials. You are rewarded with a different material for each story battle, so make sure to use Adventure Energy wisely to earn the materials you need.
  • Earn Battle Pass EXP by completing event quests in \”The Mystery of Dominion. Volume 1 and The Mystery of Dominion. Volume 2. With the Battle Pass, you can earn relics that grant you even more value from the event. Complete quests and take advantage of the event’s Battle Pass!
  • Use the materials you collected to upgrade relics and create the Ancient Justice buff in the workshop. The buff is only active for the Temple Guardian battles. Upon each victory, the Ancient Justice buff charge is consumed and the next battle is leveled up. Win Temple Guardians battles to unlock quest rewards for the Lara’s Glory event. Use the Ancient Justice buff wisely to reach the max level in battle.
  • Daily quests reset at 02:00 a.m. GMT every day. The boss battle difficulty increases every time you win. If you don’t want to power up bosses, defeat them during Raids. You’ll have 1 day after the event ends to spend your remaining Ancient Coins in the shop. 


Boss/MinionsRewardsWorth EmeraldsStart DayEnd Day
Collision of Worlds1,500 Ancient Coin
1 Pyrite
1,020Mon, May. 13, 2024Sun, May. 19, 2024
Elusive Bounty1,500 Ancient Coin
1 Skylite
1,020Mon, May. 13, 2024Sun, May. 19, 2024
Ancient Curses1,500 Ancient Coin
1 Asterium
1,020Mon, May. 13, 2024Sun, May. 19, 2024
Crossing the Rubicon1,500 Ancient Coin
1 Heliocrystal
1,020Mon, May. 13, 2024Sun, May. 19, 2024
Secret Mechanisms1,500 Ancient Coin
1 Chrometal
1,020Mon, May. 13, 2024Sun, May. 19, 2024
Power of the Incas1,500 Ancient Coin
1 Floralite
1,020Mon, May. 13, 2024Sun, May. 19, 2024
Blind Faith1,500 Ancient Coin
1 Aetheria
1,020Mon, May. 13, 2024Sun, May. 19, 2024
Temple Guardians3,000 Ancient Coin1,920Mon, May. 13, 2024Mon, May. 27, 2024

Quest Content

  • 1. Log in (MAX 6)
  • 2. Buy Emerald (MAX 90,000)
  • 3. Spend Emerald (MAX 120,000)
  • 4. Get VIP points (MAX 4,500)
  • 5. Complete missions on the special event map (MAX 30)
  • 6. Open Outland Chest (MAX 250)

Tasks and Rewards


Daily Quests (Volume 1)

Day 1

  • Upgrade the Gift of the Elements to level 1
  • Upgrade any hero’s skin 1 time
  • Complete 5 summon in the Summoning Circle!
  • Spend 500 Tower Coin
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 2

  • Begin 1 Expedition
  • Fight 3 time in the Arena or Grand Arena
  • Complete 5 mission
  • Use EXP potion(1)
  • Use Pet Summoning 1 time

Day 3

  • Spend 200 Energy
  • Get 50 Soul Stone of any hero
  • Spend 500 Arena Coin
  • Collect 75 Titanite in the Guild Dungeon
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Day 4

  • Perform summons in the Soul Atrium (1)
  • Complete 5 summon in the Summoning Circle!
  • Open 3 chest in Outlands
  • Begin 1 Expedition
  • Fight 5 time in the Arena or Grand Arena

Day 5

  • Complete 5 mission
  • Upgrade any hero’s skin 1 time
  • Use emerald exchange 1 time
  • Spend 500 Tower Coin
  • Use Pet Summoning 1 time

Day 6

  • Upgrade the Gift of the Elements to level 1
  • Fight 3 time in the Arena or Grand Arena
  • Open 5 chest in the Tower
  • Open 3 chest in Outlands
  • Start or join 1 adventure

Daily Quest Notes

  • Five exclusive daily quests will appear daily on the dedicated map.
  • 4 x1 prize items and 1 x2 prize item each day. Get 6 items per day if you clear all of them.
  • The update timing of the exclusive daily quests is based on the system update time (11:00 a.m. Japan time).
  • It is safer to stand by and not do the daily routine before the event’s quests are updated.
  • Daily quest rewards not received from the map will be delivered to Mail, but there is a 3-day limit to receive them.
  • If you receive the Daily Quest reward by mail, the quest is completed when you receive it in the mail.
  • If you receive the reward by mail on the last day, you will not be able to complete “5. Complete the Daily Quest of the Special Map”.

Event Shop Guide


  • Monday, May 13, 2024 (6 days)

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