[Hero Wars Guide]Angus

[Hero Wars] Angus

Titan Guide

  • An Earth Titan tank with a powerful overall attack.  
  • Angus is the only Titan tank with no defensive skills. He takes the lead in unleashing an all-out assault, relying solely on his health to withstand enemy attacks.  
  • Angus’s style is daring and self-sacrificial. Some players call him a “gunman” or a “suicide attacker.”
  • There is a theory that Angus is an official in-house favorite because he has the most artwork of any Titan!  
  • There are two main strategies when using Angus: fighting while protecting him with the Earth Totem, or letting him fall quickly after cutting down the opponent and then fighting with the four Titans behind him. This difference in strategy changes the training balance for the Earth Titan. In other words, it comes down to a sense of proportion: whether Eden or Angus should be trained at what pace. This is one reason why the Earth Titan is more suited to experienced players than other attributes.  
  • By saving your gauge in the dungeon, you can pause and activate your skills before you face your opponent in the next round. This creates a combination of offense and defense, allowing you to deal one-sided damage while forcing your opponent to make additional moves. This tactic is especially effective in deep dungeon attacks.  
  • The firepower-oriented Angus also works well with Flame Totems. As an attack formation against the Earth 4 + Alaji formation, the Fire 4 + Angus team is a meta team used in CoW where two attack teams must be created.
  • As opponents, they are weak against fire totems, Moloch and Araji, and often scatter without being able to do anything about it.

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