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Archdemon Returns Lines


  • This is a lists of lines made by the Archdemon at the end of the battle in Archdemon Returns.
  • The comments vary depending on the damage inflicted, and some comments can only be seen when certain heroes, such as K’arkh, are organized.


  • 1 : Birthday… The birthday’s canceled! Because I said so!
  • 2 : Whatever, you win. I’m not giving you the next slice, though!
  • 3 : Here’s your slice of cake. You deserve this celebration…
  • 4 : Just let me have some cake, and you’ll never defeat me again!
  • 5 : Everyone keeps trying to steal from the Archdemon, but you take the cake!
  • 6 : You just got lucky this time!
  • 7 : Hey, won’t you leave me just one slice?
  • 8 : I can’t believe it! You managed to steal yet another piece of cake from me!
  • 9 : After all that time I spent practicing, I thought it would be a piece of cake!
  • 10 : Oh no! Someone’s had their cake stolen! Waaahh!
  • 11 : I’ve been visited by a fairy of that kind once! Could it have been you?
  • 12 : I’ve been practicing while you were sleeping. Come back in a year, loser!
  • 13 : You did much better last time! Why don’t you try again?
  • 14 : Do you and Heidi practice together or something?
  • 15 : I’m so bored! I think I’ll go hit the gym and complete my warm-up!
  • 16 : There, happy now? This isn’t the end. I’ll be back!
  • 17 : Naive Guardians! That was just a warm-up!
  • 18 : No matter how many times you return, the cake shall remain in my possession!
  • 19 : Want cake? You’ll need to find some other way to defeat me!
  • 20 : Yeah, you might be stronger this time. We’ll see what happens next time we meet!
  • 21 : By all hordes of the Darkness, I’ll outplay you! Next time, that is.
  • 22 : You might have won this time, but I won’t let it happen again!
  • 23 : I’ll admit you’re strong. Next time we meet, I’ll be more prepared!
  • 24 : Ugh! This festival just isn’t my thing…
  • 25 : It can’t be… The ads promised a tenfold strength boost!
  • 26 : It’s not over yet! See you in a year, Guardians!
  • 27 : The gym might make me look all beefy, but it sure didn’t make me any stronger…
  • 28 : What is this mangy grub doing here? The Negator of All Creation is no match for me, the Lord of Hell! (only K’arkh)
  • 29 : I sent that K’arkh of yours back where he belongs! (only K’arkh)
  • 30 : Arrrrgh! Did you actually expect this stinky squid to defeat me? I’m a dozen times as powerful! (only K’arkh)
  • 31 : Why are you throwing this overgrown shrimp at me? I want proper heroes! (only K’arkh)

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