[Hero Wars]Important news (Official)

[Hero Wars]Important news

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Official announcement

Hi! We’ve seen a lot of concerned messages for the last couple of weeks, and today we want to share with you some updates and address some of the topics that worry you! 

Clash of Worlds.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and suggestions regarding the new Clash of Worlds mode with us! According to your feedback, one of the most daunting aspects of Clash of Worlds is strategizing – managing this number of fights a week with current tools can be very hard on Generals and Guild Masters. 

That’s why we are developing a series of QoL updates for this mode: improvements to the battle logs, new filters for logs, upgrades for attack assignments, and many others. Some of them should be released this year, we will talk about them in more detail closer to their release. We are not planning to reduce the number of battles in Clash of Worlds just now, but we will be closely monitoring your feedback after the addition of QoL updates!


Recent price increases in certain currencies left some players quite frustrated. We understand that, but the prices in our game have always been tightly linked to the US dollar exchange rates, so we have to level the prices every once in a while in order to maintain fair and equal prices. But that also means that once your preferred currency will get stronger again in comparison to the US dollar, we will make sure to lower the prices. From what we see, one of the most significant issues with the last price increase was its steepness. It was this way because we haven’t updated our prices for a very long time. Moving forward we will update them more frequently, so any changes, positive and negative, will be less drastic.

Different offers.

We also want to acknowledge that our special algorithm behind the distribution of offers for Elemental Totem Summoning Sphere offers distribution was flawed – this was not the right way to handle this important in-game offer and we will do our best not to repeat this situation in the future.

Drop rates.

We made an initial mistake with the Soul Stones drop rates for the first new Titan, Keros, being too high, and we had to change drop rates for all the other Titan Dolls. However, we should have communicated this upcoming change better and let you know about the coming changes beforehand. We apologize for that, we will be more transparent with such changes from now on. 


Recently we’ve seen a surge in the number of players using third-party software that gives them unfair advantages in specific game modes. The violators will be informed that their actions might lead to a permanent ban of their Hero Wars accounts if they won’t stop using the forbidden software. At the same time, our team is working on a permanent solution that will completely shut down these exploits. There is other harmful software that is harder to address, but one of the upcoming QoL updates should lessen its impact and we will continue looking for a more permanent solution.


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