[Hero Wars Guide]Opening 2,000 Circle of Summoning

[Hero Wars] New Titans in Circle of Summoning

Results of Opening 2,000 Circle of Summoning

  • Dark and Light 4 Titans were added to the Circle of Summoning.
  • We opened 2,000 pieces and verified how many Soul Stones were available for each.
  • As a result, slightly less for Keros, otherwise about the same.
  • There was a big blip in the process, and there seems to be a big fluctuation when opening less than 500 pieces!
  • The setting does not appear to have extremely large differences compared to other titans of other elements.


  • Super Titan’s emission rate remains extremely low.
  • May be better to increase stock for future implementation of Light and Dark Super Titans.

Opening results (2,000 pieces)

  • Keros : 1,818
  • Mort : 2,482
  • Amon : 2,773
  • Iyari : 2,428

Expected value (per piece)

  • Keros : 0.9
  • Mort : 1.2
  • Amon : 1.4
  • Iyari : 1.2

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