[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2022.Week45

[Hero Wars]Cybernetic Skins 2022


Upcoming Events

New Cyber Skins announced.

All of these enhancements are in order. They are all important.

New Titans can now be summoned.

The ban was lifted only a month after the event. We will be watching closely to see how the remaining four will be handled next year.

[Hero Wars] New Titans in Circle of Summoning

The Great Storm Shop Adds Stones

You can now select the lower two types that were previously unavailable for exchange.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

About plugins

  • Q. Dearest Nexters, Talking about plugins I feel they are referring to HW assist. They have poopy tools and information so there are many if not most guilds that make use of such tools. HW is not a job, you ban such tools and watch more generals quit the game resulting in more guilds breaking up and people leaving. One change after another you just keep knocking your head with a hammer and with each knock you get crazier. Can you maybe stop banging your head? Lots of love and kisses (on that damaged head. I heard kisses on boo-boos make you feel better)
  • A. No, that wasn’t the plugin we’ve received a lot of complaints about. There are some popular tools that are used by many players on their own risks, risks due to the fact that some of them require full access to the account and players give it to them, and we won’t be held responsible for any possible consequences for the actions of the tools developers. But these are the tools that in most cases let you access the info that is publicly available, it’s just hard to organize. These are not the plugins in question right now. We are talking about more exploitable software that gives you a clearer upper hand in competitive game mods.

Is there any way to check our old CoW logs

  • Q. Is there any way to check our old CoW logs, like the ones from week 3 and 4 which are seemingly lost ? Having access to old records would be a really nice feature !
  • A. Hey! I am not sure how exactly it will look like, so don’t want to promise anything specific. But as I understand it, one of the QoL feature is adding an easy way to download your logs in a convenient way and format, so it will be easy to store your logs on your PC and go through them.

Any news on redesigning this event: “Ascension to Asgard”

  • Q. Any news on redesigning this event: “Ascension to Asgard” which is going live soon? In its current form it was maybe good as an event accompanying new game mode. Now it is too hard to do and the rewards are really small comparing to the emeralds effort you need to put in. This event is really bad design.
  • A. We’ve made some small tweaks, and we’ve received a lot of feedback. It seems like our new bundles with Wish Crystals are an improvement, but we definitely need to expand their description and make it clearer what you can and can not choose there. We’ve get rid of Star Mana from one of the quest chains, and I see that most you would love to replace in all other quest chains too – this is the feedback I will share with the devs

The next CoW season starts

  • Q. This CoW season ends on Christmas Eve. I hope they have at least a 2-week gap before the next CoW season starts. Otherwise GW+CoW+Winterfest+Real Life holiday events will be a nightmare. Please, give us a vacation from non-stop CoWs.
  • A. Hi! There are no gaps intended between seasons in the CoW, but I’ve shared your feedback with the team and I will let you know if there will be any updates! 

Additional special gifts for Generals

  • Q. I appreciate you are working on QoL changes to CoW. As a guildmaster I am still wishing I could send some gifts to my generals to appreciate how much they have to do with the current CoW feature. When you roll out the new QoL features for CoW, please consider sending gifts to guild masters that they can share with their generals (or just send a thank you gift to generals). They have really had to work hard since this feature was added and it has been more work than play – we should not lose sight of the fact that we come here to play.
  • A. Additional special gifts for Generals are not in the work right now, but we’ve shared this suggestion with the devs and will continue reminding them about it,maybe they will be able to add it later

I have a question regarding “Prices” section.

  • Q. you said that this increase is because of US dollar exchange rates, but what about the amount of emeralds that drop for some currencies and not the others?
    I mean why some people (depending on currencies) can get 319k while other can only get 231k ? we haven’t that before.
    exp: big pack of x4 sale (VIP15) that drop from 319K to 231k emeralds
  • A. Hi! I will ask the devs about that, just to be sure that I am talking about the right thing, but I remember that there were changes to a few Emerald positions that were not so popular – the amount of Emeralds and their cost were both changed, and the cost change reflected the change in Emeralds. But these new positions were added in the same patch with the currency rates changes, so it ended up looking as a worse deal for a higher price. On hindsight, that wasn’t the best time for changing up Emeralds packages

Regarding the topic ‘different offers’

  • Q. You should know, who got the offer for the silver summoning sphere and who not. Why not offering to all players in the upcoming weeks, who only got the gold offer? That would be fair for everyone, since the players with the gold offer have a big disadvantage.
  • A. I’ve shared the suggestion with the developers, they are discussing this possibility

Sanctuary season

  • Q. there are many seasons in the game… so why no pet season? Should be called “sanctuary season” and has rewards like chaos particles, pet potions, pet eggs, pet stones and pet soul stones. (As well as gold, emmies, energy recovery and some hero things). The grand prize would be an ult star pet of your choice, if all are at ult stars then a certain amount of abs star pet coins
  • A. I like that idea and I’ve shared it with the devs already, I think we will get one at some point, that just sounds like a great idea! 

Main Updates


Great Storm Shop


Ascension to Asgard


Important news (Official)

Opening 2,000 Circle of Summoning

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2022.Week45

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 16

CoW: Season1 Temporary Place 21


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