[Hero Wars Guide]King of the Jungle Minion Battles

Minion Battle

  • There are no penalties for laosing.
  • Select minions to battle based on the buffs you require.
  • Raiding is an option.
  • Defeating specific minions at designated levels yields quest rewards.
  • Quest rewards are available only the first time.


  • Warm Welcome is good for one defeat, then raid the rest.
  • Others require a quest completion at lvl 160 defeat.
  • Doing consecutive raids will skew the buffs unexpectedly. Be careful not to get it wrong.


  • The only time you’ll need to switch Celeste’s pet to Khorus is when battling in the Forbidden Forest.
  • For all other minions, the same team can defeat them up to level 160.
  • Luck plays a part in the game, but there’s no penalty for resetting.

Main Team

VS Forbidden Forest


1. Warm Welcome

2. Mirrored Images

3. Mask Off

4. Smothered Flame

5. Forbidden Forest

6. The Champion Returns

7. The Last Guardian of the Tree

Defeat Movies (Youtube)

Level 160 Mirrored Images

Level 160 Mask Off

Level 160 Smothered Flame

Level 160 Forbidden Forest

Level 160 The Champion Returns

Level 160 The Last Guardian of the Tree

Play Guide

King of the Jungle

Jungle Trove

Tasks and Rewards

Event Bundle


The Root of Evil


Heidi Update and Heidi Teams


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