[Hero Wars Guide]Secrets of Outland

[Hero Wars Guide]Secrets of Outland

About Secrets of Outland Bundle

  • One of Skin Stones Bundle
  • Mostly sold before the Emerald x4 sale.
  • Limited 24-hour sale.
  • Sometimes sold in parallel with other bundles.
  • Easy, but not a bargain.
  • You can grow more by procuring emeralds from the Emerald x4 sale and using them in Outland.

Estimated Emerald equivalent for each bundle

  • 1,167JPY bundle = 6,350 Emeralds(x1.8)
  • 1,946JPY bundle = 10,790 Emeralds(x1.8)
  • 7,783JPY bundle = 44,000 Emeralds(x1.9)
  • 13,620JPY bundle = 86,100 Emeralds(x2.1)

List of Secrets of Outland Bundle

Bundle History

  • Thu, 20 Jan 2022 (24 hour)
  • Wed, 26 Jan 2022 (24 hour)
  • There may have been others

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