[Hero Wars Guide]Compare Skin Stones Bundle

[Hero Wars Guide]Compare Skin Stones Bundle

Compare Skin Stones Bundle Overview

  • There are a number of bundles available in Hero Wars for obtaining Skin Stones!
  • You can also buy Emeralds directly and use them in Outland!
  • These are more than twice as cost effective!
  • In other words, your team power will vary depending on your choices!
  • Here is a comparison, using the emerald conversion method

Various Skin Stones Bundles

  • The best option is to get Emeralds from the Emerald x4 sale and use them in Outland.
  • The second best option is the limited edition Cyber Monday bundle.
  • The third best option is to purchase the Skin Stone Bundle, which is sold in conjunction with the Outland Guardians event.
  • The fourth best option is to buy a bundle that the VIP10 Shop.
  • Less cost effective than the above four is the Secrets of Outland Bundle
  • Special offers can have a worse rate than buying Emerald x2
  • For low VIP, Cyber Monday rate is the best value than Emerald x4

Skin Stones Bundle, Estimated rate comparison (VIP15)

  • Emerald x4 Sale & Outland : Emerald x4
  • Exclusive Cyber Monday bundle : Emerald x3.7 equivalent
  • Emerald x3 Offer & Outland : Emerald x3
  • Skin Stone Bundle : Emerald x1.9 to x2.5 equivalent
  • VIP10 Shop, Lord of Dominion Bundle : Emerald x2.2 equivalent, etc.
  • Secrets of Outland Bundle : Emerald x1.8 to x2.1 equivalent
  • Special Offer, Treasure of the Dominion Bundle : Emerald x1.7 equivalent, etc.

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