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Event Guide

  • This event introduces the champion skin for Brustar Hyperion Araji Eden.
  • It follows a Brawl-style format, fulfilling a user request “Titan Brawls”. (and more request)
  • The main prize of this event is Titan’s new champion skin. If you don’t participate, you may have to wait a while for another opportunity to obtain it.
  • While the new champion skin is not highly significant, it’s possible that an auto-beatable pattern may no longer be viable.
  • You will need Titan Skin Stones and Titan Potions to participate. Consider using quest achievements wisely and saving these resources for future Titan events (which will likely require them).

Target Titans

#1: Mairi Ignis Avalon

#2: Nova Vulcan Sylva

[Hero Wars Guide] Sylva Champion Skin

#3: Brustar (Mort, Keros)

#4: Rigel (Iyari, Amon)

#5: Hyperion Araji Eden

#6: Tenebris Solaris

[Hero Wars Guide]Clash of the Titans (Tenebris Solaris)

Flavor Text

The Titans have descended upon the Dominion to fight a deathly battle. Don’t miss out the battle of the Great Titans!

New Champion Skins



Quest Order

  • 1. Log in (MAX 3)
  • 2. Buy Emerald (MAX 90,000)
  • 3. Spend Emerald (MAX 120,000)
  • 4. Spend Energy (MAX 7,500)
  • 5. Upgrade any titan’s skin (MAX 40)
  • 6. Summoning spheres (MAX 120)
  • 7. Upgrade any titan by levels (MAX 80)
  • 8. Open the Titan Artifact Sphere (MAX 400)

Resources needed to Complete the quests

Number of Titan Skins needed (Level0 -> Level40 : 82,265)

Number of Titan Potion needed (Level1 -> Level81 : 119,350)

Supplemental Titans upgrade Quest

  • If all Titans have been upgraded, the quest will be automatically cleared.
  • If the maximum upgrade level is reached for all Titans during the event, the remaining portion of the quest will also be automatically cleared.
  • Please note that having unsummoned Titans will prevent the quest from being considered complete. In such cases, you must acquire the unsummoned Titans before being able to strengthen them.


Brawl Shop and Rewards

Brawl Shop

Titan Brawl Box

Was there any impact from the addition of the Titan Skins?

What is Titan Brawls?

  • Titan Brawls is an unconventional arena where players can earn rewards by defeating other players on the server.
  • Two potential attackers are always displayed, and the one who fails to defeat you remains.
  • One Titan will be fixed to be included in the team. The target of the fix will change every day.
  • If you experience five losses, you will need to purchase additional lives using emeralds.
  • Life is recovered once per day.
  • Life recovery coincides with your own renewal time and is staggered with quest renewal.
  • It is easier to win if you start off before other players set up their defenses.

Fixed Titan in the teams

Day 1 and Day 3

Day 2

About Brawl Rewards

  • You can earn up to 15,100 Brawl Coins per day even with free play.
  • This is equivalent to 14,496 Emeralds over a span of 3 days.
  • Although it can be time-consuming, the rewards are highly valued, so maximizing your achievements is desired.

How to Obtain Titan Brawl Coins

  • Winning 3 attacks: Receive 1.00 Titan Brawl Coins.
  • Winning 7 attacks: Receive 2,000 Titan Brawl Coins.
  • Winning 12 attacks: Receive 4,000 Titan Brawl Coins.
  • Successful Attack: Receive 300 Titan Brawl Coins.
  • Successful Defense: Receive 300 Titan Brawl Coins.


  • The maximum daily winning rewards are 22 wins, resulting in 13,600 Brawl Coins.
  • Defense rewards can yield 5 wins, with a maximum of 1,500 Brawl Coins per day.

Rewards for Uncontested Victories

  • The defense game implements rewards for uncontested victories.
  • If the number of times you are attacked within a 24-hour period is fewer than 5, you will receive x300 Titan Brawl Coins for each attack that falls below 5.
  • Uncontested victory rewards will be delivered to your Mail. The redemption period is 30 days, and they will be distributed in a batch.
  • Uncontested victory rewards apply only to uncontested victories. There is no entitlement to receive rewards for regular attacks and losses. (If there are 3 defense battles and you lose all 3, you will only be eligible to receive rewards for 2 battles.)
  • Normal defense successes remain the same as before.

If You Lose 5 Games in Brawl

  • You can buy 5 lives for 200 emeralds. Obtaining 4,000 Brawl Coins from 22 wins is equivalent to 1,320 Emeralds.
  • The emeralds required to purchase the right to 5 lives will reset every other day. Previously, you could wait for your own renewal time and try again, but this has been corrected to reflect that lives will be restored at the event’s renewal time.

Brawl Teaming

  • While it is possible to manually operate for victory, most battles can be won using the auto mode.
  • A limit of 3 Super Titans exists (this limit is specific to Brawl and does not apply in the actual game).
  • The key challenge lies in fighting with a fixed Titan frame.
  • Due to the specified regulations, the double totem strategy is highly versatile.
  • Fire 4 is effective against opponents biased toward Light and Dark. However, composition restrictions may sometimes hinder the creation of an effective pattern.
  • Combat training is useful for preparation.
  • Battles against Titans with the same level have no random elements if Eden and Silva are not present. Therefore, if you discover a winnable configuration through combat training, it can generally be replicated. However, be aware that specifying the maximum power may cause shifts in the current power and results.

Fire 4 Attack Pattern: vs Light and Dark

Combat Training

How to win? Recommended Method and Teams

Recommended Teams: fix Tenebris

Recommended Teams: fix Solaris

Defense Team in Brawl

  • To earn defense rewards, the goal is to induce as many attack failures as possible.
  • Including Eden and adding a random element makes it easier to earn rewards.
  • Setting up a double totem can confuse opponents and make it easier to earn rewards.
  • A limit of 3 Super Titans exists (this limit is specific to Brawl and does not apply in the actual game).
  • Including a pair of Tenebris and Bruster, a pair of Solaris and Rigel, or Eden would be beneficial.

After the event

  • Unused store coins will be converted to root boxes after the event.
  • Reload your browser after the event is over to receive them via Mail.
  • Please leave a small portion unused.

Mail Message

The Titan Brawls are over! All remaining Brawl Coins have been exchanged for Brawl Boxes. Enjoy your reward and keep empowering yourself alongside the Great Titans!

Utilizing Uncontested Victory Rewards

The method to gain 6,750 coins in savings

  • Since uncontested victory rewards are delivered individually through Mail, there is a possibility for the following advantageous gameplay.
  • This procedure enables you to obtain up to 15 Brawl Boxes for 300 coins instead of 750 coins.
  • This results in a savings of up to 450 x 15 = 6,750 coins.

Procedure for maximizing benefits

  • 1. Keep the Mail unopened until after the event shop has closed.
  • 2. Open only one Mail and reload your browser.
  • 3. Collect the reward from the Mail.
  • 4. Open the next Mail, and repeat the process.
  • 5. Due to rounding up fractions, each Mail can be exchanged for one Brawl Box.

Points to note

  • It is eligible for batch receipt. While utilizing this technique, batch receipt cannot be used, including Friend Chips.
  • As it offers significant advantages, there is a possibility that countermeasures may be implemented to prevent the use of this technique.
  • Only for those who are willing to take the risk of countermeasures and proceed with caution.

Event History

  • Friday, June 23, 2023 (6 days)
  • Tuesday, September 19, 2023 (3 days)
  • Monday, January 29, 2024 (3 days)
  • Tuesday, February 27, 2024 (3 days)
  • Thursday, April 25, 2024 (3 days)
  • Monday, June 17, 2024 (3 days)


Brawl Treasure

Titan Skin

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