[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week13

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2023.Week13


Upcoming Events

April Events

  • A new hero, Julius implementation event will be held. The content will be almost the same as the “Mind of the Old Grove“. Daily quests should be noted.

Combat Speed Up

Guild dungeons are the target this time!

Combat Training How to

Main uses and notes have been organized.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Adding ascension skills for existing heroes

  • Q. great to see new hero is coming to dominion! any insight about adding ascension skills for existing heroes, and the all-loved brawl events?
  • A. Hello! Thanks! According to the latest info, one of the existing heroes will get ascension skills at the end of April. As for the brawls – no new info at the moment, but we will share it as soon as we learn something.

The game screen size

  • Q. I refer to your answer on the Starboard “with the game screen size – this change was released for a certain part of the community (players were chosen randomly), and we are gathering their feedback at the moment.” Let us review: –
    Old Behaviour – if a player had browser size smaller than the graphic size, the game would downscale the graphics. If larger browser size than the graphics, the game would lock the graphic size at the native size. Result? The game would look perfectly crisp if the browser size was at least as big as the graphic size. Sure the game was ugly at smaller sizes but no complaints as people would just increase the browser window to the minimum size to get the native resolution.
    New Behaviour – if the player has browser size smaller than the graphic size the game downscales the graphics as before. If larger browser size than the graphics, the game upscales the graphics to match browser size with no way of finding the right browser size to get the native resolution. Result? No matter what browser size the player uses the graphics look grainy and horrible. This is because graphics only look crisp at the native resolution of the graphics. Unless you upscale graphics by an exact whole number multiple of the pixel count (e.g. x2, x3, etc) there is not an interpolation algorithm in existence that can make the graphics look as good as they do at the native resolution.
    If you look at the comments in the Discord there is NOT ONE SINGLE POSITIVE COMMENT ABOUT THIS and lots of negative ones. This includes players threatening to leave the game if it is not reverted. There are also many stars on the posts about it.
    How exactly is Nexters “gathering feedback” on this matter? Number of bugs reported? No one I know affected by the issue has received a survey on the matter. There is also no game setting to allow the players to “vote with their feet” by switching the feature off either.
  • A. Hello! All this feedback was considered seriously. We gather players’ feedback from various sources not only limited by Discord and support tickets. Conclusions were made and there will be an option to choose the screen size in the upcoming updates.

Only raised the prices for HUF or RUB

  • Q. The thing is, they only raised the prices for HUF or RUB. But if I compare EUR and USD, then they should have lowered the prices for EUR. And I’m pretty sure, there are other currencies.
    Can you explain, why the prices are not all adapted? Only the ones, where you can earn more money. That’s absolutely not fair!
  • A. Hello. Fair point. We are working on adjusting prices on a more frequent basis.

A skin costs

  • Q. A skin costs 14.99 USD, that’s 13.74 EUR. But in EUR they are charging me 14.25 EUR.
  • A. Hello! There is a little delay in adjusting prices based on exchange rates. We’re looking forward to correcting prices in the following weeks.

What is the current stance on Eternal Summer skins

  • Q. what is the current stance on Eternal Summer skins being available to f2p players or p2w players that did not invest into the season at the time it was available to them? Is there any plan to allow players who want to max their heroes to get the skins after the season has passed for them? Some of the skins, such as Lian’s MA, have quite a big impact on their total effectiveness, and it therefore seems strange or unfair to deny access to such a large hero improvement after the fact.
  • A. There are no plans for summer skins release. But never say never.

Titan brawl event

  • Q. Look forward to having a titan brawl event for releasing the super-titan.
  • A. Hello! There will be no Brawl after the Super-Titan release, but we see that lots of players are anticipating this event. So we will try to discuss it with the developers. So maybe they will introduce the Brawl later this year.

Server migration rules to be loosened up a bit

  • Q. I think it would make sense for server migration rules to be loosened up a bit, to give players more freedom in regards to choosing their environment (without there being any relevant impact of creating your character a week or two earlier on old servers). Whether a player’s account originated on server 19 or server 21 (out of a whopping 181 web servers as of now) gives no tangible power advantage at this point. Therefore I’d like to propose the change that characters older than 2 years may migrate to the next 2 servers launched after the server on which a character was created. E.g. a players account was created on server 20, it’s over 2 years old, so owner could have the option to migrate to server 21 and 22 as well, not just server1-19. Please star if you like this idea.
  • A. Hi! I see. Fair enough. I’ll discuss it with the devs team.

Make a battle in clash of worlds with real battle conditions

  • Q. Hi all I would like to be able to make a battle in clash of worlds with real battle conditions. Why we are not able to attack the enemy current team ? I don’t have some heroes in manual combat and in maximum it’s not reliable because the enemy has different level so a battle can a different result.
    I won a battle in maximum with the same heroes but I lost with 2 heroes with different level
  • A. On of the reasons is because there should be at least some challenge and skill to the battles
    We see that some people think we’ve oversimplified things as it is, didn’t want to dig into that even deeper

The bug of attackers in CoW

  • Q. When the bug with ineffective auto unassignment of attackers in CoW will be fixed? After failed attack of guild mate to assigned target the assignment dissapears in the GUI but after reentering the map the assignment is still there….
  • A. Hello! We’ve got some tickets regarding this issue in our support team. Please if you ever encounter this bug again – open the support ticket from the game menu. Your game logs will greatly help to speed up the research process.

Icons are not displayed

  • Q. please do something about this latest graphics problem. Many items in game are not visible and are represented as “Green Boxes”. The game is almost unplayable.
  • A. the team is working on a fix, we will try to fix it asap!

What’s happening with the frames and avatars?

  • Q. What’s happening with the frames and avatars?
  • A. I’ve checked with the devs – it’s due to the changes of how the game files load: now your initial start-up/launch of the game should be considerably quicker, even when using older PC/mobile device, but now it might take some time to load Avatars and Frames after opening a specific tab – like a Combat Traning tab, for example.
    The team was expecting that, but we will checking and monitroing how long it actually takes to load those and will try to optimize it further in future updates if needed.

Seems to consume way more hardware resources than before

  • Q. Excited to see the speed-up improvement released today, congrats on the big launches! One thing to report from my experience: this new feature accelerated the in-game transition, but seems to consume way more hardware resources than before. I keep seeing “turn on hardware acceleration” notification, although i already turned it on. From my test, at least 60% resources (cpu, memory) are taken. Is there a way to make the game adaptive? Some of us might prefer to save the hardware resource for slower transition. Thank you.
  • A. Oh! Interesting! Thank you for this valuable feedback. We will continue our work on game optimization. Can you please specify your PC spec and browser used?

Main Updates


Time for Pranks


Incarnation of Darkness

Type of First Artifact

Type of Second Artifact

Type of Third Artifact

Combat Speed Up

Combat Training How to

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week13

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 12

CoW: Season 2 Temporary Place 24


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