[Hero Wars Guide]Double Skins (Lara)

Bundle Guide

  • Appears as a bundle in the Lara Croft and the Mystery of the Dominion event.
  • Increases the level of Lara Croft’s skin.
  • The skin is already unlocked without purchasing this bundle, and the bundle replenishes skin stones.
  • Unnecessary if you only use Lara Croft for expeditions.
  • It’s enough to upgrade later without forcing a purchase.
  • If you plan on charging for skin stones in the future, this is a good value.
  • Bottom line, not limited content, but good value.

Estimated amount

  • Bundle 1 = 128,666 Emeralds (x7.9)
  • Bundle 2 = 257,331 Emeralds (x8.8)

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