[Hero Wars Guide]Masquerade Skins

Bundle Guide

  • You can get Masquerade Skins.
  • Other than the four limited skins, there are no differences from the regular means of obtaining them. Currently, there are no alternative methods to acquire the limited skins.
  • Not eligible for Emerald Waterfalls.
  • Eligible for VIPs.
  • There are quests to get VIP points in the event. If there is a concurrent event, the quests for that event will also be completed at the same time.

Screen Display

  • This bundle will not be shown to those who already own the specific skin.
  • It will appear on the screen even if you currently do not own the skin. Skins can also be purchased in advance.

Limited Skins

The following skins are currently available for purchase only. However, unlike the beach skins, they will be regularly released in the future. None of them are deemed essential at this time. This is for those who truly don’t want to wait.

  • Iris: Masquerade skin (armor penetration)
  • Aidan: Masquerade Skin (Magic Defense)
  • Kayla: Masquerade Skin (Armor)
  • Julius Iris: Masquerade Skin (Magic Defense)

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