[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.week03

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.week03


Upcoming Events

About the New Titan Event

There will most likely be an event to implement the Tank of Light, Rigel.

About the New Hero Event

It has been announced that Mushy and Shroom’s implementation event will be held.

Time to Love from February 14

As in previous years, Time to Love will be held from February 14.

Giveway Held

A Giveaway on Youtube was held on January 24.
The distribution items were determined by a roulette in the distribution.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

A brawl-like event needed strongly

  • Q. yes, a brawl-like event needed strongly. it has been 4-5 months without an event giving hero items. we miss those heroes in hero wars.
  • A. Hey! Passed that to the devs. I don’t guarantee anything, but I can’t help but remembering that we usually have such shops in our special events dedicated to new heroes, and we have Mushy & Shroom joining the Guardians in February…

Mushy & Shroom

  • Q. “Mushy & Shroom”? If her name is Shroom, not great but I’ll forgive, but if her name is Mushy, WORST NAME EVER. 
  • A. Her name is Mushy, yes.

New Hero Asgard-Ascension skills

  • Q. They need to stop giving us endless pointless new heroes and give us what they promised, more new Hero Asgard-Ascension skills!! Let’s let them know:
  • A. I’ve made sure they know!

We want to start attacking all minions on Monday

  • Q. Can we please stop drip feeding Asgard minion attacks throughout Monday to Thursday and just make all minion attacks available on Monday? All the current approach means is we wait until Thursday so we can do them all at once.
    Note: Part of the reason we wait to do these attacks is you lose the pet assignments when you go from a 3 minion attack to a 2 minion attack so it is better to wait until Thursday so you can do all 3 minion attacks then all 2 minions attacks then all 1 minion attacks.
  • A. Reminding about that and about your requests to “pin” the Osh Level, hoping for a little Guild Raid QoL-update this year, but don’t have anything specific to share so far

We want to test the Osh battle in a chat battle

  • Q. Proposal: provide an Osh Battle option to the Guild Battle Chat and in personal chat challenges which would have an option to fight Osh and select the Osh difficulty from the choices of {130|140|150|160} and a separate option to set a guild morale percentage.
    1. For each player team there is only one Osh fight per week; it is easy to ‘forget’ how to manually play Osh from week to week
    2. Testing out different Osh battle techniques is difficult when there is only one Osh battle per week. Adding Osh to the Guild Battle Chat and in personal chat challenges would allow testing and skill development by the player, thereby aiding players being able to gain the maximum damage they can do vs Osh
    3. To encourage creation of alternative Osh teams. This will lead to players leveling more teams, which is beneficial to both Nexters and players
    – Revised to add “personal chat challenges” because I received feedback that adding this to the Guild Battle Chat would clutter up an already cluttered chat. This could be accomplished by allowing you to set up a challenge with another player (usually a dead account) and select the challenge team as “Osh” and set the difficulty from the choices of {130|140|150|160} and separately the guild morale percentage. You could then allow “current/maximum” choice which would allow a player to simulate a fight with Osh with either their current hero strength or in an aspirational ‘maximum hero strength’ manner.
    – revised: I was asked to clarify that this proposal would allow you to select the Osh difficulty from the choices of {130|140|150|160}
    – revised: several asked for the ability to set a guild morale percentage to more accurately represent their guild’s Osh experience
  • A. Hi! Thanks for the suggestion, will share it! In terms of Guild Battle Chat updates we will first focus on adding Clash of Worlds buffs to the teams and other updates making this tool more useful for testing and planning Clash of Worlds fights, but maybe later the team will find time for adding the Osh testing too

Add a section to the CoW rewards

  • Q. Proposal
    1. Add a section to the CoW rewards that allow you to purchase all hero soul stones types (except Cleaver).
    2. Upon release of a new hero add that hero immediately to the Hero Chest.
    1. Doing these changes are in the players best interest.
    – players can obtain hero soul stones even if they missed the introduction of the hero and release events that gave hero soul stones for the release hero
    – players can obtain additional soul stones for heroes they wish to continue to level
    – new players can more easily obtain soul stones to summon end-game heroes and need not be content with beginner heroes for a long time
    2. Equally important these changes are in Nexters best interest:
    – more emeralds will be spent on Hero Chests
    – the rewards for CoW are certainly uninspiring now. This change will provide an incentive for CoW
    Implementing these changes would be a win-win for all.
  • A. Hey! Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass it on, but I am fairly certain that developers place different Soul Stones as rewards in different mechanics for a reason, and making all the SS available at one place will greatly improve the importance of Clash of Worlds, sure, but to the detriment of a several other Merchants.
    Regarding the Clash of Worlds rewards – I think developers will closely monitor the mode and how people interact with it, and they might consider additional rewards for the Clash of Worlds merchant. I do not about any specific plans right now, but it’s possible – we have such addition during the previous season, maybe we will have a similar situation this or next season

The new assignment system for CoW

  • Q. The new assignment system for CoW is indeed worse than the old one. It didn’t fix the key issues with the previous one (being able to see ALL heroes, titans, etc owned by the player rather than just ones assigned to defense). It has now made it harder for generals to see what heroes or titans are unused from the players pool and also made it so that misleading instructions are being given to players (as players do not use the same teams on attack as they do on offense).
    1) Just ditch the concept of showing 3 defense teams to the general when they assigned attack. This is a flawed concept. Instead just show the player and all the heroes owned, power levels and whether they are unused.
    2) Allow the general to just pick the player and optionally select zero or more heroes or titans that the general recommends the players use for the attack. Only those selected heroes or titans will get the little swords shown to the player.
  • A. Hi! I’ve shared these suggestions with the devs, I will get back to you with an update regarding this specific QoL-change as soon as I’ll have more info

About CoW’s Victory points

  • Q. Since the number of victory points per match aka 750 now impacts the positioning of a guild greatly in the leaderboard, too much of the final ranking will depend on whoever wins their final match of the season and they have a massive advantage over the one that doesn’t, even if they are equally matched. As it is, even 500 victory points per win made the leaderboard a huge yo-yo last season, so why not drop it down to lesser like 250 or so ?
    Hence, to solve this issue, can you please decrease the threshold of the duke league and other leagues by 1/3rd instead of buffing up the victory points to 750, next season ?
  • A. Hey, interesting point, I will let the lead Clash of Worlds developer know about that, maybe we will change the thresholds and number of victory points next season

Main Updates


Cosmic Artifact Chest


Regular Events

Patch: Morrigan’s Skeletons

Light and Dark Artifacts

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.week03

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 17

CoW: Season1 Temporary Place 149


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