[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week26

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week26


Upcoming Events

Events in July

The official announcement has revealed ten events, presented in no particular order and without known dates.
Among these events, the dates for the following four are currently unknown.

There is no certainty, but it is likely that the Thea event will be held the week of July 14. -> Announcing the start on July 14th.

1. Ascension to Asgard

2. Summer Festival

9. New Titans Event (Dark and Light Titans Soul Stone ?)

10. Thea Event (Heidi event style ?, Brawl style ?)

  • This event is set to be a reworked version for Thea.
  • It could follow the same format as the Heidi event.
  • It may also adopt a format similar to the Brawl event.

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Regarding screen size and glitches with heroes during battles

  • Q. Technical observations regarding screen size and glitches with heroes during battles.
  • A. Currently, our developers are working on optimizing the screen for widescreen monitors and new models of mobile devices with high screen resolution. Progress is not standing still, and to meet modern hardware requirements, a decision was made to undertake these changes. There may be some display errors, which are promptly fixed (thanks to your feedback). If you encounter a bug that hinders gameplay, please open a ticket in the game support form. (You can also disable the widescreen feature in the game settings as a temporary solution.)

When will Solaris and Tenebris be available?

  • Q. When will Solaris and Tenebris be available?
  • A. No exact dates. But usually, new titans are added after a couple of months. Solaris was released 1.5 months ago, so it should be around the corner. 

Questions about the season

The QA here is organized in a separate article. Please refer to that article for more information.

Season Events FAQ

Hero Wars is currently undergoing a change phase

  • Q. Any progress topic from developers for users. (Details of the original text are omitted.)
  • A. Thank you very much for the extensive and structured feedback. As you may have noticed, Hero Wars is currently undergoing a change phase. The developers are working on a vast range of game aspects, such as the technical side (working on various displays and “under the hood” tweaks), the visual side (Thea makeover), introducing new activities (Titan Brawls, Heidi update), and making changes to the seasons as well.
    During this time, it is more important than ever for the developers to hear from players and address their wishes and concerns. I will gather all your wishes and pass them on to the developers for review.
    At the moment, I cannot promise that they will be addressed in a particular order, but they will be definitely studied and considered. If I get a fast reaction from them to any of your suggestions I’ll return with their answer at post it here.

Thea is getting buffed and receiving

  • Q. When Nexters announces that Thea is getting buffed and receiving a visual makeover
    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
  • A. Updating the Heroes to meet modern standards and prevent the game from stagnating
Thea Update and Thea Teams

Main Updates






What is a Brute Force Dante Tank?

Cosmic Artifact Chest

Absolute Spirit Summoning Sphere

Season of Nature 3 All Rewords

Season of Nature 3 All Quests

Season Events FAQ

Secret missions

Sound and Animation Settings

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week26

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 12

CoW: Season 3 Place 12


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