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[Hero Wars] Shooting Titan champion skins

Lessons from the Wise Men of the Battle of Titan

Upgrade Tips

  • Sigurd’s Invincibility versus Moloch’s Stun is more advantageous if you activate your skills first. Therefore, setting Health slightly lower can yield unintended results for the opponent.
  • In the scenario where both the attacker and defender are stunned, there’s a pattern where the defender wins because they are not stunned, known as the “sweet spot.” A common occurrence is Fire 4 + Hyperion attacking Water 4 + Araji.
  • For players lacking space to acquire and train totems, a team of 4 or more Super Titans without totems may be the solution.

Player Skills versus Titans

  • Titan battles can have vastly different outcomes in a single frame, especially noticeable in Tournament of the Elements (ToE). Practicing the timing of your maneuvers until they feel comfortable can sometimes lead to victories against opponents you previously struggled with.
  • Unlike Hero battles, Titan battles have almost no random elements. Knowing when to trigger specific actions and mastering their timing through repetitive practice is crucial.
  • Mastery of player skills through repeated practice can sometimes compensate for differences in power levels. For instance, a Totem 4 stars can defeat a Totem 6 stars.
  • While manual control is not essential when all Titans are fully trained, there are exceptions such as CoW’s Buff Bases and ToE’s King Battles.
  • Playing from a smartphone may limit manual control, but it’s a valuable option for players responsible for bridge attacks in guild battles. In case of device freeze, quitting the browser will allow the game to continue automatically.

Totem Insights

  • Water totems activate at different locations based on the number of Titans remaining, often utilized just before defeating the fourth Titan.
  • Poorly timed Fire Totems may overlap with enemy Titan movements, reducing their effectiveness.
  • In addition to mitigating and dealing damage, the Earth Totem also provides protection against debuffs like Nova and Mairi.
  • When paired with a ranged attack, the Dark Totem’s advantage can impact a larger number of enemies. For instance, while Nova’s stun typically hits only 2 opponents, with the Dark Totem, it can target up to 4 opponents simultaneously.
  • The effectiveness of the Light Totem’s invincibility remains consistent regardless of its star and level, whether it’s at 1 star 1 level or 6 stars 120 levels. Therefore, it can be utilized immediately upon obtaining the totem, offering valuable defensive capabilities from the outset.

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