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Impact on Health Control Skills

  • Nexters are implementing a standardized approach to managing skills that control maximum Health within the game.
  • Previously, the impact on current Health when activating or deactivating a skill affecting maximum Health varied from skill to skill.
  • Going forward, activating or deactivating a skill that affects maximum Health will result in a proportional change in current Health.
  • Consequently, a skill influencing maximum Health will have a more pronounced effect on current Health when the latter is higher. When taking no damage at all, the current Health will change in tandem with the maximum Health. Conversely, if near death, it will have no effect.
  • Skills originally affecting both maximum Health and current Health will now impact both, with additional effects influencing current Health. Put simply, the effect on current Health will be the value described in the skill description, plus an additional modifier (α) for skill effects. This alpha value, as noted above, is greater when the current Health remaining is greater.

Target Heroes and Titans

[Hero Wars]Cleaver[Hero Wars]QingMao[Hero Wars]DanteAidan[Hero Wars]Lilith

Anticipated Impact on Well-Known Issues

  • This fix is anticipated to address the issue where Dante was dealing excessive damage to Aidan.
  • However, it’s worth noting that this correction may not resolve the matter of Qing Mao’s Ascension skill, which reduces the maximum Health of Adventures bosses, thereby capping their damage. (Adventure bosses cannot take more than 1% of their maximum Health in a single attack, akin to an enhanced Axel-like skill.)
    However, this is not the case if the impact of the new specification on current Health penetrates the Boss Boost, unknown until verified.
[Hero Wars Guide] Boss Boost

Official Message: HP Mechanic Update

Hi everyone! We are here to tell you about the upcoming update with gameplay fixes and improvements.

Tomorrow we will make changes to the Max HP manipulation mechanic. There are some skills that affect Heroes and Titans’ HP such as:

  • Qing Mao’s Relentless Open Heart Ascension skill
  • Lilith’s Possession skill
  • Dante’s Shackles of Weakness skill
  • Aidan’s Bond of Flame skill
  • Cleaver’s Heavyweight skill
  • Tenebris’s Eternal Sacrifice skill

These skills were not consistent with their max HP manipulation effect and affected the current HP of heroes differently – so in that regard, some of the skills were not working as intended and caused bugs when such skill effects were applied or removed. After the update, they will follow the same rules:

  • When the maximum HP is being raised by a buff skill, the current HP also changes proportionally. In other words, the ratio of current HP to maximum HP will remain unchanged. And when the effect is removed, the current HP will decrease.
  • Effects that used to increase both maximum and current HP will now be a little more powerful: the increase of maximum HP will also increase proportionally the current HP of a hero, and after that, the additional current HP boost will come into play and increase the current HP once more.
  • These changes will slightly affect healing buffs, some heroes and Titans, and their effectiveness. For example, Qin Mao will not be as strong against Aidan, while Lilith will receive a greater health boost after activating her ultimate ability

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