[Hero Wars Guide]The Forgotten Treasury Event: Your Expert Buying Guide for Maximized Benefits

Recommended Purchase Strategy

  • Opt for purchasing 15,000 emeralds or more during the x4 sale event. Divide this amount into two or more transactions, including more budget-friendly items.
  • Within your budget, consider making small daily purchases of economical items.


Emerald Waterfalls

  • Emerald Waterfalls daily energy bottle quests offer a replenishable resource. While targeting 20,000 emeralds is ideal, considering the x4 sale specifics, attaining 15,000 emeralds is also sufficiently enticing.
  • Completing the quest for purchasing 15,000 emeralds grants you 22 Energy Bottles (equivalent to 4,400 emeralds).
  • Accomplishing the quest for a 20,000 emeralds purchase earns you 32 energy bottles (equivalent to 6,400 emeralds).

The Forgotten Treasury

  • The Forgotten Treasury features a shopping frequency quest (Encoder – Streak), allowing you to accrue additional archaeologist’s tools by dividing your shopping activity.
  • Beyond the shopping frequency aspect, there are extra rewards based on the quantity of emeralds purchased, further enhancing the value.
  • Due to the promising expected value estimation of the bundle, this event can be considered as a viable option for combination.


  • Lower emerald purchases may result in a slightly less favorable emerald price ratio. However, the additional rewards tend to outweigh this drawback.
  • Individuals with lower VIP levels would find it more advantageous to purchase bundles. Nonetheless, bundles might not yield substantial benefits if not the higher-priced ones are chosen.

Event Quests

Emerald Boom – Streak

[Hero Wars Guide] Emerald Waterfalls Quest_2

Club Dues – Streak

Preparing for the Expedition – Streak

Play Guide

Emerald x4 Sale

Emerald Waterfalls

The Forgotten Treasury

Archaeologist’s Bundle


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