[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week02

[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week02


Upcoming Events

Mushy and Shroom will appear in Dominion

Official Messages.

  • Next month another hero will join the ranks of Guardians – the mysterious duo of Mushy and Shroom will be a Strength-based Tank that defends other Heroes with the force of nature!
  • Mushy and Shroom will appear in Dominion in the middle of February and you will be able to unlock a new Lunar Skin for them right from the start!

Rigel Implementation

According to official leaks, Rigel will appear in the game soon.
It is expected to be followed by Tenebris (Dark S) and Solaris (Light S).

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Aidan bug of the Great Storm

  • Q. Thus far, very few players have been able to participate in the Great Storm due to an appalling glitch that causes them to lose battles after they have already won.
    In light of this, appropriate compensation should be given.
    As we have already lost valuable time to begin working on our earnings through the Great Storm, I propose that all players are given an extra day to play once the developers have the game running properly. Star this if you agree.
  • A. Hi! The developers are looking into that, it seems like it’s connected to use of Aidan – his presence in the team causes issues. If you have other strong line-ups without Aidan – use them, if he is a must-have – we are working on a fix, I hope we will be ready to deploy it soon. We will discuss the possibility of a compensation later, after we analyze the scope of the issue and will have a solution – fixing this is a priority right now

Point bug in CoW defeat

  • Q. I thought the ranking change is point difference divided by 10? Why did we drop 813 pts?!
  • A. Just an update: the fix will be released in a few hours, everyone impacted will get their 750 ranking points back

GW implementation of CoW QoL function

  • Q. will Guild Masters be able to forbid attacks to not assigned targets in GW as well?
  • A. Almost all the new features for the Clash of Worlds can be implemented in the GW, and it’s not unlikely, but it’s not in the works at the moment, so I can’t tell you any estimate.

To fight in the outlands after beat them

  • Q. I dont know where to suggest this: would like Outland bosses to be available to fight against (for no extra reward) even though they are all long defeated. Would like to be able to try some newer hero combos against them. Any chance this might happen?
  • A. Hi! I’ve shared this a couple of times and will remind the devs again. They are not against that idea too, it’s in the backlog, maybe they will decide to give it a higher priority this year

Keira into the Undead faction

  • Q. Would it be possible to include Keira into the Undead faction finally where she belongs?
  • A. The answer is the same as it always was: we don’t group heroes solely on the “lore/story” criteria, there are other things that are taken into consideration, such as balance considerations. That’s why she is not in the Undead faction, not because she doesn’t thematically fit the faction

Please make the ads like the real game

  • Q. The ads are getting worse and worse, will you please make the ads like the real game? 😭 They are not attracting an audience. And if they are, I don’t think it is an audience that other players will stand for long, and Your staff will become even buisier dealing with players being inappropriate.
  • A. Hi! Our marketing team increased the share of ads with in-game footage by the end of the last year, I hope this trend will continue. But I do not think that they will ever completely replace other types of ads. I am not an expert in marketing, but it seems like in the mobile/web gaming the general motto for marketing is “We use what works best”, and sometimes very weird things work best

Can the daily Skin Sale tab be an actual sale?

  • Q. Can the daily Skin Sale tab be an actual sale? The 3 skins are picked randomly and it refreshes every day but it is the same price as all the other skins that people can buy with money. It would be great if there was an actual discount so it is lower than the usual price. Please ⭐ if you agree
  • A. Fair enough, thank you for the feedback!

Main Updates


The winds from the East


The Dark Guardian

Brustar Doll

Titan’s Order Rank

Pet Soul Stone


Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week02

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 18


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