[Hero Wars Guide]Fenris

[Hero Wars] Fenris

Pet Guide

  • Fenris resembles a husky and is one of three pets available as your first choice.
  • Specializes in physical DPS support.
  • Sometimes criticized as a less advanced version of Vex, though this is a fair assessment.

Fenris’ Strengths and Team Building Theory

  • The main benefit is that it increases the armor penetration of the heroes it supports. It also increases physical attack.
  • In most cases, armor penetration is the most important physical DPS stat in the game. Fenris is important because it boosts stats unconditionally, since there are only so many ways to support armor penetration.
  • The importance of armor penetration is no exception for dodge heroes like Dante. The theory is that Evasive Heroes should patronize Kane, but there are cases where patronizing Fenris can win the game. Especially in a defensive formation, it is possible to create a trick by patronizing Fenris if you dare.
  • Patronizing Fenris also offers a 40% chance to inflict Darkness, which, while not often useful, can disrupt Sebastian’s debuff cut.
  • Fenris can patronize a wide range of heroes, with some having Fenris as their only viable option by 2024.
  • The stats improved are armor penetration and physical attack. Similar to Vexx, but designed for a broader range of heroes than the shooting-oriented Vex.
  • It synergizes well with heroes like Ishmael and Tristan, making it a must-have pet if you’re using either of them.
  • While its 1st skills develop quickly, they are rarely used, and are mainly effective against teams that lack evasion. Despite this, its use is almost unknown. It is almost never seen outside of Dashimaki Tamago.
  • Due to its function, it’s not advisable to augment it with left-side equipment. So don’t use the Gift of Sanctuary on Fenris.

Disadvantages of Fenris

  • When compared to Vex, Fenris falls short in most areas except armor penetration and the range of heroes that can be patronized. Vex was originally designed as a basic support for weaker shooting heroes, making it powerful on its own, but dependent on being paired with a patronable hero. However, with the introduction of exceptions such as Lara Croft, Fenris has become increasingly disadvantaged in comparison.
  • There’s a significant overlap with Vex in terms of patronizable heroes, leading many to prefer Vex depending on the hero being trained.While it increases physical attacks, Vex offers a greater effect in this regard.
  • Its Patron effect only has a 40% chance of activation, making it less practical than Vex, which reliably activates.Prioritizing Fenris over pets like Axel to balance team composition, especially when Ishmael is the main DPS, is challenging.
  • His 1st skill attacks have limited utility due to low damage output and are rarely used in practice.Overall, Fenris primarily serves to extend armor penetration for physical DPS heroes unable to patronize Vex, but its importance has diminished since the introduction of Vex.

Heroes Particularly Benefiting from Fenris’s Patronage

[Hero Wars]Tristan[Hero Wars]Ishmael[Hero Wars]Andvari



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