[Hero Wars Guide]Ziri

[Hero Wars] Ziri

About Ziri

  • An incredibly tough tank.
  • Visuals highly appreciated by female players.
  • Skills are difficult to use, and many players struggle to understand their proper usage.

Advantages of Ziri

  • Her greatest advantage lies in her high durability rather than her skills.
  • Her first skill increases armor, and the first artifact also increases armor. Additionally, she has high health and armor stats of her own. This allows her to withstand more damage compared to other tank heroes.
  • Especially in a double tank configuration with Astaroth positioned behind her, she can be considered the toughest.
  • Thanks to this feature, she can function as a counter to Ishmael when fully developed without compromise.
  • In addition to Ishmael, she can neutralize other first attack type heroes like Jhu and Astrid in many situations.
  • She has a skill that allows her to dive into the ground when her remaining health falls below 30%. This skill shines with “flow design,” enabling her to take moderate damage and act as a counter-attacker to DPS heroes like Ishmael who want to initiate combat after taking some hits. However, “flow design” is a highly advanced player skill and is generally considered an unnecessary skill for most players.
  • As of 2023, she is a hero that some top players use in CoW attack formations.

Disadvantages of Ziri

  • Her second skill reflects damage received, but it only works against physical damage. Therefore, damage is calculated based on Ziri’s armor penetration. Additionally, opponents can dodge the reflected damage. Moreover, Ziri has 0 armor penetration, so most of the time, it only contributes to the opponent’s energy gauge.
  • When hit, her third skill causes her to dive into the ground. This leads to criticism that she abandons her tanking role or becomes ineffective.
  • Her main characteristic is her massive health and armor. However, she doesn’t fare well against Iris, who can nullify armor.
  • Her strength heavily relies on her stats, and all her skins are necessary. Despite the effort required to develop her into a late-bloomer, it’s difficult to argue against the notion that she falls short of being a core character.
  • In short, there are many situations where characters like Astaroth or Cleaver are easier to use.

Flavor Text

Akhreb Ummi, oh great Mother of Scorpios, help your devoted child. I, Ziri, swear to become your eyes and senses. I will not succumb to anger, nor will I show an enemy mercy. Akhreb’s body will protect me from pain, Akhreb’s spirit will help me tell Light from Darkness. Come, Akhreb Ummi!


Focus of Hatred

  • Ziri temporarily increases her armor and magic defense and taunts the enemy team, forcing them to attack her for 8 seconds.
  • Armor bonus and magic defense bonus: 160 (Level + 30)%

Reflection of Pain

  • Ziri activates an ancient curse. The curse reflects 100% of physical damage received by Ziri back at the attacker for 8 seconds.
  • Chance to reflect damage decreases if the enemy’s level is higher than 130

Shelter of Sands

  • If Ziri’s health is below 30% (but only once every 15 seconds), she burrows into the ground for 7 seconds, avoiding enemy attacks and restoring health.
  • Recovered health: 186,968 (10% Health + Level x 400 + 8,000) 

Fury of Akhreb Ummi

  • Now, when Ziri unburies herself, she stuns and throws back any nearby enemies and uses the second skill.
  • Chance to stun is lowered if the target’s level is above 130
  • Stun duration: 3 seconds



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