[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2024.Week12

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2024.Week12


Upcoming Events

* Announcements only

Event Calendar Format

Event Calendar Format (30 days)

[Hero Wars Guide] Event Calendar 2024 Week12_L2

* Announcements only

April events

Official Message

  • Here is what awaits you in April: Pet Season, Guardians of Outland, Emerald Coins Hero Event, The Elemental Synergy, Titan Brawls, Portal Anomaly, new Masquerade Skins, Foundations of Power, Titan Soul Stones event, Cosmic Battle, Time of the Fearless, Legacy of the Great Ones, and even more new things to come, which we will tell you about later!
  • Which events are you looking forward to the most? Share with us on our official Discord channel!
  • And please note that the depicted events may be subject to change — in that case, we will definitely inform you in our posts!

Regarding the January events, the specific dates for the following have not been officially announced yet.

Emerald Coins Hero Event

It is believed to follow the same format as the past hero events. Past hero event sumple

Darkness Falls
Lessons on Love

Clash of the Titans

Riotous Growth

Legacy of the Great Ones

Mystery Island Map Expansion

  • The top section of the map is now accessible.
  • Once again, there are 20,000 emeralds up for grabs.
  • Similar to Winter Island, it is expected to expand further in 30 days.

Masquerade skins in mobile

Masquerade skins  are also different from the mobile version.
Iris Heidi Astrid and Lucas are the target heroes for mobile.



[Hero Wars] Masquerade Skins 2024

New Super Titan skins

New Super Titan skins may be available at this month’s Titan event!






Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Archdemon: battle processing error

  • Q. Many players are reporting “battle processing error” messages when fighting the Archdemon and have to start over each time the message pops up.
  • A. Hello. Thank you for the report. It has been fixed shortly after that

Three key points about status resets

  • Q. Thank you for sharing your concerns about the option to give players to reset skills/glyphs/levels/etc. You mentioned that you are exploring potential options. Few perspectives on the issue:

    1. ToE is in general broken and needs major rework, resetting titans is not the issue. If it is one tournament for all, why does someone need to face ultimate totems at stage 2 and someone only at stage 7? Why scaling is being used here in the first place? Shouldn’t it be equal? You are punishing the biggest whales (people who pay for your bonuses) is it really smart to do so?  Anyone with elemental lord kill should go straight to stage 7? The current system promotes scripting as a big chunk of top ranks in ToE cheats stage 2,3,4,5 anyway and fair players are left to suffer. Since dark/light came out most lords are joke auto-kill anyway.

    2. PvP/CoW aspect of overdeveloped heroes is minor as players can use plenty of other heroes. Yes, that means someone will need to have a strong team instead of baby lian/arachne – but it is still a viable option. It just forces players to develop more heroes which is profitable for you so you will not change anything anyway – fair enough. 

    3. Asgard-Osh is a completely different story. A player with an over-developed Isaac is just out of the game. That just punishes the player who achieved perfection without any workaround or viable options available. Since game-wide reset is out of the question, here are a few simple options that would require minor work-mapping from devs, and the issue would be gone:
    a) Increase the armor of Osh160? It will make players max artifacts – profit
    b) New buff in Asgard buff shop –  ‘increase boss/spheres armor’ or ‘decrease armor penetration’ by 5k or 10k per one buff and available to buy 5 times (just like the current gold buffs) – dumbest but for sure easiest from the development perspective.
    c) New Asgard boss? Everyone has been mocking Nexters forever about the ‘coming soon’ note near Cradle of Stars.
  • A. Hello! Yes, we have conveyed this detailed feedback to the developers. They understand the importance of these aspects on the gameplay. When they embark on research towards these changes, they will definitely refer back to it

Main Updates and Game trends


Mysterious Island


Time for Pranks

Spring Rebirth!

Surprise Egg

Lore Seeker’s Bag

Party Box

Why Isaac’s Artifacts need attention

Guild Menu Updata

The latest trends, Best heroes, Best teams

Tier List 2024 (on PvP)

Best Heroes 2024

Which DPS to Upgrade in 2023

Which Tank to Upgrade in 2023

Which Healer to Upgrade in 2023

Which Support to Upgrade in 2023

Which Control to Upgrade in 2023

Meta Teams

Best Teams

The Best Titans Tier List

Titan’s Meta Teams

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2024.Week12

Guild War:Web31-Gold league, Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 22

CoW: Season 6 Temporary Place 3


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