[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week34

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2023.Week34
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Upcoming Events

Event Calendar Format

September Events

[Hero Wars] September Events

The official announcement has revealed 11 events, presented in no particular order and without known dates.

Among these events, the dates for the following 8 are currently unknown.

3. Time of the Fearless

4. Elemental Synergy

5. Dark Depths Skin Event

It will be in the same format as the The Forgotten Treasury or Trial of Heaven.

The Forgotten Treasury
Trial of the Heavens

6. Clash of the Titans

New skins are being added to the 3-Element attack titans!

8. Twins Event

It is presumed that the event will be in the same format as the Andvari event.

Wrath of the Earth (Andvari event)

10. Autumn Festival

September’s Heroes of the Month are Morrigan

  • Morrigan serves as a hard counter to Rufus and Astaroth.
  • While not a versatile hero, she excels as a counter to the active tank duo.
  • As the popularity shifts from Rufus Dante to Dante Tank in the autumn of 2023, she may become slightly less suitable for the meta.

Hero of the Month

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Totem Display Disappearance

  • Q. after the game update, the display of totems disappeared.
  • A. Thank you for bringing up these cases, it helps us fix them quicker! This one was fixed last week

Discussion about Season Events

  • Q. Season Events
  • A. Hey! There is also a lot of feedback regarding the upcoming Season already, let me address some of it. First of all: we hear that some of you are not fans of multiple Seasons and Gold Tickets, even if the value is there, you just don’t like the format – got it. This one is a big experiment, and I believe we will continue experimenting with Seasons, but in a different way.
    There is a lot of discussions regarding the cost of all 4 Sesasons combined, but we don’t expect all of you to go all in. This specific upcoming Season and its mini-seasons – they are supposed to be pretty valuable, each of mini-seasons is supposed to have a decent value in its own, and combined with a chance of getting Totem or Guaranteed Totem for $45 those are designed to be pretty good purchase, even compared to our usual Seasons.
    We didn’t want to spoil all the rewards in our earlier posts, as we wanted to have something unique for Daniel to share on the upcoming stream, but it might have been a mistake that created more confusion than clarity. We still don’t want to reveal everything, but let’s share a bit more to give you a better perspective: one of the Mini-Seasons Grand Prizes is the Gift of Dominion (the big red one). Of course, this Season rewards will also include other resources and a chance of getting a Totem – and that’s for $14.99. Other Grand Prizes might be a bit less universal in value, but still quite useful for many players.
    So, we feel like the value is there – whether you buy Gold Tickets for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 Seasons. Or don’t buy them at all and just have a slim, but a real chance of gaining a Totem fragment. And that’s the reason why there is no Gifting Discount for these smaller Seasons – well, if you count all the rewards that are there, it’s already a pretty good deal on its own, and we are not ready to discount it any further. Of course, we might be wrong in our estimations  – but we will learn that through your feedback and when you will or will not buy Tickets
    On the other note – I get that there is also a more subjective part to all of that. If you don’t get all 4 Seasons, you feel like you are missing out, even if the value for buying Gold Tickets for 3 Seasons is good value and gives you plenty of rewards that you would love to get. That a feedback that we will also share with the team, and we will see how strong this sentiment will be during the month of this mini-seasons

Winter Claus Randomness

  • Q. Winter Claus monkey business confirmed 
  • A. Caught me! But yeah, we know the perception of it, and I afraid we will still get some flack this time around too just because quite a few players will still not get it, and no one believes in randomness unless it’s on their side

Chances of Totem Appearance per Key in the Seasons Vault

  • Q. Are the chances 1/32 per key though? Or is there some ‘monkey business’?
  • A. 32 slots, Totem could be in any of them, so yes

Chances of Obtaining Totems of Seasons Vault

  • Q. yes he said earlyer you have to open 32 befor reset = you get 12 keys to open 32 so you have 33% chance to get 2… but we dont know if its really 33% lol
  • A. It is, there was a question regarding the Claus Winter, I saw it. It will be a fair random stuff, I myself questioned our team this a few times to make sure – are we ready to give everyone a fair chance to have 1 Totem for free, are we ready to give some players a shot at two, with no monkey business. Yes, we are

Chances of Obtaining Totems in the First Mini-Season

  • Q. So you can get the Totem in the first mini? by luck
  • A. Yes. You can even get it during the first mini-season without paying just with free Keys. But the chances are pretty slim

Mini-Seasons Rewards and Pricing

  • Q. probly reward is less then other season beside the chance at 2 totems
  • A. Each Season has rebalanced prizes, and the Superprizes of each might be a bit more modest than usual (we are not putting an additional Totem as a prize for $15 mini-season), but still pretty valuable. But you will be the judge of that

Price Increase Clarification

  • Q. so, in fact the price will be increased from 45$ to 60$ for the 4 weeks. Right?
  • A. If your goal is to just max out everything and buy everything there is in the game – yes. If you want to get a guaranteed Totem – it’s still around $45

Totem Sphere Gifting Clarification

  • Q. I see FAQ . Can you please also confirm or deny if i can or cannot gift the totem sphere if i have more that 18 but less than 30 totems?
  • A. I can, it could contain any Totem fragment of 5 types, so having 3 of them maxed out won’t give you an option to gift it

Edge Case Concerns About ESS2

  • Q. my feeling here is you missed out on ESS2 by one hour because of the timeshift for when seasons start. Did you guys ever decide what to do with the edge case people who miss out on ESS2 by such small amounts?
  • A. No answer just yet

Player Dissatisfaction with Cosmic Battle Event(replying)

  • Q. Actually many people are not happy with Cosmic battle event…Some are deciding to quit, and others deciding to skip, and some already know that they will lose 80% of the battles, because their main damage dealer is banned, the same damage dealer on whom they invested everything.. Ultimately it will be battle of control and support heroes, and its facing control heroes without any counters will lead nowhere..
  • A. We keep gathering your feedback related to the Cosmic Battle, and we can’t change the structure of the event while it’s live, but we will definitely go through the feedback and make some adjustments if we will decide to launch it again.
    We see that there is a lot of negativity, but a solid part of it is not about the core idea necessarily, and more about how we’ve implemented it – the way the matchmaking works, the number of heroes banned, the number of points deducted for a lost defense and other important details.
    That might indicate that this event could be interesting for more players after some tweaking, but the team haven’t decided anything just yet, we are still in monitoring/analyzing/feedback gathering phase

VIP Points and Event Quest Task Concerns

  • Q. why does buying the 10.29 euro unlimited attempts for pvp event not give vip points ? which in turns affects ” get X vip pts” task from event questline
  • A. Yep, that also went to the feedback, same for the battles ending sooner that expected

Andvari Points Visual Glitch Compensation

  • Q. do we get any kind of compensation for the andvari points visual glitch, coz many overspent as they could not see the points needed for next lvl ?
  • A. Checked with the support, nope we are categorizing it as a visual glitch and there is no compensation planned for that

The temporary change in Fox’s visuals at the Soul Atrium

  • Q. Hello community managers. Thank you for this little easter egg of including the original design of Fox in the soul atrium. You have no idea how much this means to us, the veteran players. This is truly a blast from the past. I hope we can expect more of these in the future as well
  • A. Yeeeah, it was the Easter egg, riiiight. Time-limited Easter egg that we fixed for no particular reason, that’s it, definitely

New Pet Release Timeline

  • Q. awesome teasing but we’d like to know the timeline, like september, october,… it helps with deciding the pet upgrade order, since upgrading pets is a very slow process and giving at least the month when the new pet is hoped to be released would be of huge benefit for players!
  • A. I bet you would! But let us keep at least some secrets for a bit longer

Titan Skins Critique

  • Q. by the way, N€xt€r$ is doing a half a….ed job here. Why stop with only 3 marksmen skins? Where are the second skins for Amon and Kheros??? If you do sth, then at least do it properly, dammit
  • A. Are you complaining about potential appearance of new Titan Skins and the fact that we haven’t added more Titans Skins already at the same time? This must be some kind of forbidden technic, not many can master it!

Dodge Mechanic Buff Inquiry

  • Q. Was there a stealth buff on the Dodge mechanic recently? I am doing some extensive combat training atm and i feel like the amount of Dodges is noticeably higher than before. Very anecdotal ofc … which is why am asking.
  • A. Nope, we haven’t changed a thing, and we don’t have any plans to buff it anytime soon – it’s very powerful already. We also don’t have plans on nerfing it directly, but we might introduce some countermeasures at some point.

Log System Enhancement Request

  • Q. It would be much appreciated if the COW log system could be incorporated into GW log too, specifically:
    1) log buttons for buildings
    2) ability to filter players/buildings
  • A. Noted!

QoL Suggestions and Considerations

  • Q. Some important QoL suggestions, from various members of the server that, I hope, should be considered by the developers, are as follows:
    1. There should be a confirmation pop up, when someone spends a chunk of energy (there is 1x raid, 10x raid, and nx raid, so we are pointing at nx raids that allow us to spend all energy on a mission) on a single mission, to avoid misclicks.
    A similar pop-up should be added everywhere because whenever someone spends soul crystal in Soul Atrium or spins the Astral Seer as a “free” chance then just after that there is an option to spend emeralds to get more amount of spins or an option to spin Soul Atrium another time by spending emeralds, and generally people misclicks it. We have a similar mechanism in the adventures as well, where we get a confirmation popup if we misclick and it needs several action points.
    Also, there are some people who might not like too many such pop-ups, so for that there should be an option in the settings to toggle on/off such pop-ups.
    2. There should be more divisions for opening Pet summoning eggs, Titan artifact spheres at Altar of Elements, and Titan Summoning Spheres as well. There should be 1, 10, and 100 choice(s) available to open those resources in one go.
    3. The amount of emeralds we get for promoting the heroes should go up. So one can get 10 emeralds for green rank, 20 for blue rank, 50 for violet rank, and so on…
    4. Can the free daily Soul Crystal just be added automatically in Soul Atrium, it’s easy to forget to click it
    5. When someone level up, say from level 129 to level 130, then they used get free bonus energy, but when someone accidently click on ESC , they will lose that bonus energy. So, that energy should be sent to in-game mail , just like when someone promotes a hero from one rank to the other, and they used get 10 emeralds for that in the in-game mail.
  • A. Thanks for the fine selection of requests!

Main Updates and Game trends


Soul Atrium

Cosmic Battle


The Pass of a Warrior Tasks and Returns

Cosmic Battle Chest

Wrath of the Earth Quests Tasks and Returns

Wrath of the Earth Event Shop


The latest trends, Best heroes, Best teams

Important Game Updates for Players: How to Read

Tier List 2023 (on PvP)

Best Heroes 2023

Which DPS to Upgrade in 2023

Which Tank to Upgrade in 2023

Which Healer to Upgrade in 2023

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Which Control to Upgrade in 2023

Meta Teams

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Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week34

Guild War:Web31-Gold league,Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 9

CoW: Season 4 Temporary Place 13


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