[Hero Wars Guide]Weekly Report 2023.Week39

[Hero Wars Guide] Weekly Report 2023.Week39


Upcoming Events

Event Calendar Format

[Hero Wars Guide] Event Calendar 2023 Week40

Oct. 08 is the best day to use emeralds

  • 3 events overlap with Spend Emeralds.
  • Best timing if you’re thinking of somewhere this week!

Octover Events

The official announcement has revealed many events, presented in no particular order and without known dates.
Among these events, the dates for the following some are currently unknown.

2. New Pet Event

Last year’s event included the following

5. Spooky Festival

6. Keira Event ??

  • Based on the atmosphere of the chain, it is possible that this is a Keira event.
  • Format of the event is unknown.

7. Legacy of the Great Ones

12. Time of the Fearless( > Perhaps x4 sale)

14. One More Event


Boxy’s Gift and Explorer’s Moves

  • The official live stream of the Pet Season was held.
  • Boxy’s Gifts were presented.
  • The live stream included an explanation of Explorer’s Moves. It was mentioned that it can be used in the map event, which will be available on 10/7.

Boxy’s Gift

Official Community Manager FAQ

Titles are tailored to the content.

Class Ban in Cosmic Battle

  • Q. a good idea for cosmic would be to ban all heroes of each class for a day each (according to main class from the tree)
  • A. This is quite a radical step. I believe there will be a lot more dissatisfied people with this decision than those who agree with such restrictions. But our designers continue to experiment with the Cosmic Battle Event. Stay tuned for today’s news to find out what changes it will undergo in the next iteration
Cosmic Battle

Permanent Secret Wealth

  • Q. Make the “Secret Wealth” merchant shop a permanent shop in the game..
  • A. Hello. Yes, as I mentioned before, Secret Wealth Shop has become very popular and developers are considering various ideas for its improvement. However, at the moment I can only say that in the coming months, there are unlikely to be any major changes to it.
Secret Wealth

Important Upgrades for Secret Wealth

  • Q. Hi CMs, want to put forward this important upgrade regarding the Secret Wealth shop:
    1: Introduce another segment in the Secret Wealth shop, where we can exchange Star Manas (since many people have piled that in their inventories) with some Asgard resources like 50 chests of Insignias, Greater Insignias, Eternal Seeds etc..
    2: While we are allowed to trade Star Manas from Asgard resources, we can make room for some other resources that can be exchanged using Pet Potions like Titan skin stones, Larger skin stone chests for heroes, Chaos particles, and some other resources as well in the Secret Wealth shop..
  • A. Secret wealth shop – a highly discussed topic and developers are paying attention to it. I am confident that the store will continue to evolve in one form or another in the future

Want to Purchase Asgard Materials in the Shop

  • Q. CMs pls make asgard stuff for cow coin in shop like buying purple crystal/insignia.. but pls make them good value like the gift just make 2 spot 1 for crystal and 1 for insignia
  • A. Hi! I’ll pass your suggestion to the devs.

Satori Needs a Fix

  • Q. CMs is good that Satori is hero of october but when he will be fixed? You did not left to ppl time to be happy with him. 2019 he is released, and than evolving was slow. 2020 Sebastian. 2021 isaac. Satory is completely destroyed, you gave it with one hand, took with another. And tell also, satori has NO CONTROL EFFECT. To put sniper on target is not a control effect. How come that sebastian cancels 3 of his damaging skills? He does not cancel 3 even to Arachne or Lian, pure control heroes. And i have the feeling sebastian does not cancel his 4th skill only because in it is written, it cannot be canceled… Is better Satory to fly away if sebast is around. Please ask the devs, something must be done. Satori is he hero of october, and also your most unfair deal. Please fix him.
  • A. As we see, Satori is often a subject of discussion among players. It is also frequently present in teams. In our view, this indicates that he is quite viable and can prove himself on the battlefields of Dominion in skilled hands.

Little Rewards in ToE on the Web Version

  • Q. CMs any future update about making the prizes in ToE on web better ? like that of fb where they get 100k ems for 1st but just 10k on web, players on web are much more in numbers, still no change
  • A. The web and FB versions of the game are different. They can have different adventure start times and different rewards. The audiences of the web version and the FB version of the game do not overlap, so there is no advantage of one over the other. I cannot promise anything regarding this matter right now because the version differences can either be removed or further increase.

OSH Battle Practice Tool

  • Q. Any plans for a OSH practice tool similar to the CoW tool/Combat Training?
  • A. Hi! that would be a useful feature, but currently, additional functionality for the combat training mode is not a development priority
Combat Training

CoW Upgrade in Next CoW season

  • Q. There are a few issues which we would want addressed over next CoW season (Which will hopefully start after 1-week break or so)

    1. Tons of draws especially in the top ranks which makes powerful guilds end up lower despite not dropping any points
    2. The issue of flooding and leaving footprints in Combat Testing (i.e. when someone is testing vs a specific team but with different combos, it floods the entire Combat test by making multiple copies of the same fight)
    3. Confusion while attacking assigned targets in CoW as well as hectic process of assigning players to a target

    However i have some suggestions which are very reasonable and discussed with several other players and leaders all over guilds

    1. To solve the draw system, either you should increase the number of days u r not allowed to fight the same opponent (leading to further variety of opponents) or/and increase the number of points obtained per draw
    2. To solve the flooding issue, u can make all fights corresponding to 1 defence team within 1 single tab itself even if attacked with different teams on manual/auto
    3. Help organise this one better by removing the misleading sword icons which just indicate defence teams and arrange the ones to be assigned based on names in alphabetical order which can be sorted
  • A. Hi! There will be a one-week break!
    The team considers CoW as one of the important directions for future QoL improvements, but we cannot say when it will be implemented yet. Thank you for your and guys specific suggestions and recommendations, we will definitely pass them on to our guys. It’s not guaranteed that we will work on everything at once, but there is a high likelihood that we will start with appointing attackers feature when we get to it
Clash of Worlds

Cannot Getting Points in CoW

  • Q. CMs when I am correct my gild didn’t get any points for there last fight can you pls reply fast and I guess that we are not the only one and I guess you must get that before Monday new season started
  • A. Hello! The only thing I can advise is to immediately contact customer support in such cases. As community managers, we do not have access to the rating system and cannot assist in resolving these issues, unlike customer support.

Main Updates and Game trends


Gift of the Dominion (Add Orange List)

The Color of the Night (Changes in Quest Order)

The Pass of a Warrior (Changes in Quest Order)


Cosmic Battle

Cosmic Battle Shop

The First Place: Cosmic Battle

Autumn Festival Tasks and Returns

Pet Season All Quests

Pet Season All Rewords

Sunken Chest

Counter Pick


HP Mechanic Update

Answers of Questions to the Director

The latest trends, Best heroes, Best teams

Important Game Updates for Players: How to Read

Tier List 2023 (on PvP)

Best Heroes 2023

Which DPS to Upgrade in 2023

Which Tank to Upgrade in 2023

Which Healer to Upgrade in 2023

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Meta Teams

Best Teams

The Best Titans Tier List

Titan’s Meta Teams

Guild DASHIMAKI-TAMAGO 2023.Week39

Guild War:Web31-Gold league, Place 1

Guild Raid:Place 6

CoW: Season 4 Place 17


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